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As we officially step into spring, looking back on this winter was rough. There were bitterly cold weeks, spring like temps, random snow squalls and everything you can think of. Meaning that our clothing had to adjust as much as we did to the world around us. Suiting lessened, knitwear was and is king! And, finding a cozy — yet professional sweater was key.

One sweater that I picked up this year, was Articles of Style’s 3D Printed Merino Fisherman Color-Blocked Sweater.

To get straight to the point, this sweater was a standout for a few reason:

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  • With a medium gauge, it’s not overweight
  • The wool/cashmere blend, is soft, warm and breathe-able
  • No waste in production. Because it’s 3D printed there are no seams and no wasted materials. With the world of fashion being high waste, having the opportunity to wear products with a low carbon footprint is more than a plus, it’s a necessity

The AOS team did a fantastic job on the design of this sweater in the aspect that is molds the the body well, it’s ideal for layering because it’s not too thick and the colors is extremely versatile.

Article OF Style 3D Printed Sweater Men's Style Pro
Article OF Style 3D Printed Sweater Men's Style Pro
Article OF Style 3D Printed Sweater Men's Style Pro

Sabir M Peele

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