Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings take their name from a “halo” of smaller diamonds that circle the ring. These elegant and visually striking designs are popular because they emphasize the center stone and pack a generous amount of sparkle. 




What are Halo Engagement Rings?


Halo engagement rings are easily one of the most popular ring settings in recent years. This eye-catching style takes its name from the elegant composition of a center stone surrounded by a ring — or halo — of pavé diamonds.


By surrounding the center stone with sparkling round or micro pavé diamonds or gems, the light from the outer ring reflects off the center stone, making it seem larger. While the halo engagement ring has become incredibly popular in recent years, the style dates back to the Georgian Era in 18th century Europe. At the time, stones that were only slightly smaller than the center stone were used to achieve this impressive effect. 


In the 19th century, the style evolved to include a colored center stone with a round pavé of diamonds. The beauty of the composition was in how it mimicked a flower, with the center stone acting as the pistil and the pavé standing in for the petals. However, the modern halo ring owes a lot to the Art Deco movement of the 1920s. The concentric circles surrounding the center stones were a perfect fit for an aesthetic that relied heavily on geometric patterns and symmetry. 


Today, the reemergence of the halo engagement rings borrows from all of these influences while mixing in contemporary design, creating rings that look at once classic and modern.



Why Halo Engagement Rings?


Engagement rings have been thought of as a symbol of affection and commitment since the 15th century. Love is a boundless and beautiful thing, and designers and jewelers work tirelessly to embody the depth of feelings that couples have for one another. 


A halo engagement ring is one of the most eye-catching expressions of devotion and appreciation. This style of ring offers wearers several benefits, aside from accentuating your fingers with a stunning, sparkling gemstone.


The Show-Stopping Large Rock Design

One of the most remarkable aspects of a halo engagement ring is that it makes the diamond or center stone look huge. Additionally, it gives the impression of one huge sparkling diamond from further away. Depending on the composition, a stone’s appearance can appear twice as large by adhering to this design style. 


Halo Rings are Never Out of Fashion

Trends come and go in the jewelry business. However, halo engagement rings are always on-trend. A halo engagement ring marries contemporary and classic design to create a timeless aesthetic. An engagement ring is made to last, and this beautiful design will still be popular in the decades ahead due to its glamorous and attractive appearance.


True Versatility

One of the keys to the halo ring’s enduring popularity is that it is such a versatile style. This composition functions well with a variety of different center diamond shapes, like round and princess. Additionally, it works perfectly with other shapes, like a diamond, oval, radiants, and more. 


Furthermore, the style lends itself well to other styles, like solitaire, pavé bands, and three-stone to create some extra sparkle.


Protection for the Center Stone

While diamonds and gemstones are indeed durable, that is not to say they are indestructible. Even the hardest material can be damaged or scratched due to a fall or hard impact. A halo ring surrounding stones can protect your center stone, making it resilient and long-lasting.


When it comes to engagement rings, halos are one of the most popular features because they make the ring look much more impressive. The sparkle and shine reach unbelievable levels when you choose one of our glamorous single or double halo diamond rings from Uneek.


Selecting Your Halo Engagement Ring



When browsing for a halo engagement ring, there are several things to consider. The most crucial consideration is finding a ring that speaks to your or your partner’s sensibilities. Halo rings come in many shapes and sizes. Additionally, the center stone can be a diamond or one of several other kinds of gemstone.


Uneek offers several styles and looks to suit most shoppers. Get a truly dazzling diamond ring when you choose from this selection of halo engagement rings at Uneek Jewelry.


Here are just a handful of our most popular and exciting halo engagement rings:


Uneek “Petals” Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 

This stunning 18kt white gold engagement ring is bright, vibrant, and full of sparkle and character. A large 1.72ct center stone is accentuated by 50 round diamonds weighing 0.46CT. The round diamonds circle the center stone and work their way down the band, creating a shimmering and mesmerizing look. Style # SWS232DSSW-CU


Uneek “Petals” Radiant Cut Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring 

This alluring and lively 18k yellow gold engagement ring is the perfect way to express your love. The 2ct Radiant cut is surrounded by 72 round diamonds, giving this ring unprecedented sparkle. With a beautiful yellow gold band setting, this ring will certainly grab the attention of any passersby. Style # SWS232DHDS-RAD


Uneek Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, in 14K White Gold 

This remarkable 14k white gold engagement ring is a masterpiece of elegant simplicity. A 6.5mm round center is circled by 32 round diamonds with a combined weight of approximately 0.56ct. Set against a glorious white gold band, this ring features an impressive amount of sparkle that is the perfect setting for your stone. Style # R022RDU


Uneek Petals Design Oval Diamond Engagement Ring with Double Halo and pavé Diamond Shank in 14K White Gold 

This petal design features a double halo and pavé diamond 14K white gold shank. Sixty round diamonds — with a combined weight of roughly 0.5 carats — give this ring a scintillating and almost other-worldly feel. With space for a 7 x 5.5mm oval center, this distinctive petal design is an outstanding foundation for the ring of your dreams. Style # SWS232DHDSWR-7X5OV


Uneek Radiant-Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Halo Ring, in Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold 

This radiant-cut diamond ring frames a fancy yellow 1.55ct diamond with a glowing halo of 50 diamonds. The yellow stone and diamonds play off each other, creating a stunning and memorable look. Crafted in platinum, with the addition of 18K yellow gold accents, this bright, vivid ring is impossible to ignore. Style # LVS893RADFY

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