Okay our clocks were set ahead  on the weekend and on Monday I was totalling  exhausted that hour earlier did it. Hope you handled the time change better. 

 On the bright side it is SPRING and the weather has been very hot here.   Which makes me feel like I need a new spring outfit.

Had my eyes on a nice midi dress , plus my birthday is coming up in April . so a gift idea  was also something I wouldn’t mind. Hinting .


The dress is lovely wrap style with a flounce bottom  in a vibrant colour just right for the spring summer season a nice dress for holidaying, dinners out or whatever.



I love jewelry and something simple that can be worn daily without any problems is what I prefer 

I found a great necklace in 14k gold, the reason i like it I have the exact same bracelet to match.

Think its nice to have a set.  Plus the price was reasonable. 

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