8 Easy Ways To Accessorize Your Bag

8 Easy Ways To Accessorize Your Handbags

Why to Accessorize Your Bag?

While the handbag is itself a major accessory of every outfit, when you accessorize your bag, you put a totally different spin on it. Your bag could look completely new or have a playful, stylish twist to it. It’s a unique way of adding dimension and one that’s sustainable too – imagine not having to spend on a completely new bag!

Moreover, sometimes we just cannot bring ourselves to discard our favorite bags, in spite of tell tale signs of wear and tear. In addition, you can repurpose some of the stuff that you were planning to discard – like an old scarf, or an earring that has lost its pair.

You can simply let your creative juices flow unhindered when it comes to the ways to accessorise. Think of the bag as an artist’s canvas! You can employ DIY ways (oh there are plenty of videos on it!) or use readily available options.

How To Accessorize Your Bag?

Here I list 8 ways to accessorise your bags and revive them so that you can flaunt your personal style statement in your own unique way. The categories start with the easiest, temporary ways to the more elaborate and permanent ones.

Keychains/Bag Charms

You can start with the easiest way of them all! We usually have plenty of extra keychains lying around at home – just loop it on to your bag handles or d-hooks and you are done!  Bag Charms are an amazing way to accessorise too. You will find all sorts of bag charms these days – minimalistic or making a bold statement, austere or colourful. Pick one depending on your personality and creativity.

You can either use your existing keychains and bag charms or purchase from H&M, Zara, Forever 21. If you prefer luxury, then brand charms like Prada’s bears, Louis Vuitton’s Fleur De Monograms or Fendi’s monster are the apt choices.

For some desi options, checkout Fabindia, Chumbak, Dhaaga Handicrafts, Pure Ghee Designs, Krafted With Happiness, Vliving or Samoolam. You can have one of the many macrame artists customize a macrame charm for you, or get a tiny pouch also included in the bag charm to put in small coins or other knick-knacks. Chiaroscuro has amazing tiny charms in the shape of bags! You must check them out!

Photo by PrinyaU from Pixabay


One of the raging trends of recent times is the ornate shoulder strap which doesn’t just add the much sought-after style twist but also brings functionality to your regular handbags. These are easy-to-use straps that come with the lobster clasp at each end, so you can attach and detach to/from any bag in a jiffy. They are also known as Guitar Straps as traditionally they were used to carry the guitar. These are typically broader than the regular bag straps and hence are easier on the shoulder, ergonomically. The breadth also gives ample scope for intricate embroidery – with beads, mirrors and such. You can refer to this post for all the brands you can source these straps from.

Accessorize Your Bag


To add a lush of aesthetics, the immediate option is to accessorize using a scarf. Again, the choices are endless here – from repurposing what you have at home to indulging in luxe fabrics. You can tie it around the top handles or along the longer shoulder strap. Taking it a step further, another variant for using a scarf can be by using it in a drawstring bag as the drawstring itself. For such purposes, you should pick a scarf that will complement or contrast with the body and structure of the bag, in order to maximize the visual appeal.

Scarf on Bag
Photo by MOISES RIBEIRO from Pexels

If you have loops on your bag like the one below, rock your bag with all sorts of DIY straps and even belts!

Accessorize Your Bag
Photo by Pauline_17 from Pixabay


Get quirky, experimental! Adorn your bag in boho chic, with some of the jewellery that you don’t use anymore. Think earrings that have lost a pair, chains, bracelets, brooches and even anklets! Do some trials to zero-in on the right placement and method – you do not want to damage the material of your bag.

On this Hidesign bag of mine, I simply attached my anklets as I don’t wear them anymore! I love how it adds an old-world charm to my bag and also the little tinkling sounds! Talk about using your accessories to accessorize your bag! 🙂

This is just to give you an idea – you can build upon it in your own way!

Accessorize Your Bag


Chunky chains are one of the most sought-after trends in recent times – to wear around the neck and even to adorn bags. They do look supremely chic and add an opulent dimension.

There are a few options by which you can add these chains:

a.     Purchase a chain on Amazon and customize its length using simple pliers at home. These already come with clasps at each end, so you can simply clip on. I got this one for around Rs. 200-300.

b.     Customize the acrylic chains that come with masks these days – you can ask the vendor to include larger clasps at the end as they need to attach on to the bigger loops on bags. These acrylic chains do look quite pretty but choose them carefully to add to the bag rather than look messy.

c.     Repurpose a neck piece and attach it to your bag, similar to the point on jewelry.

I’ve seen some articles suggesting to loop the handle straps through chains to give it a Chanel look, which I personally think is an overkill. But do check out if that’s something you find appealing and want to do.


An easy way to infuse some fun – patches and stickers that are meant for sticking on to leather. Anya
Hindmarch has these stickers sold separately. You can mix and match the stickers in a way that aligns to your personality and helps you make a bold statement via your bag!

Just be aware that some of the stickers may be non-removable. Hence, you need to take a conscious decision on which bag and where to place the stickers, coz they could be a permanent fixture. They’re also a great way to hide any damages or marks on your bag (though you can look at these spa vendors to get the damage repaired in the first place!).

Accessorize Your Bag

Hand-painted Artwork

This is a whole world in itself and your options are limited only by your imagination! You can use paints meant for leather and follow a ton of videos on YouTube for the correct process.

However, if you want to outsource it to professional hands, there are amazing artists in India that do such customized artwork. I have compiled the list here. Just like the patches or stickers, the painted artwork would also be permanent. Here is how I got hand-painted art on my Charles & Keith bag:

Accessorize Your Bag

One more example:

Accessorize Your Bag
Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels


There’s more awareness than ever before and people are sharing their knowledge freely on the internet. Hence, there is no dearth of information and inspiration. Accessorizing as above not only gives a facelift to your bag, but also gives you a creative satisfaction!

Do let me know in the comments which option do you find most interesting and would like to try on your bag! Are there other ways to accessorise bags that you are aware of? Do share them for the benefit of all our readers!

Vidya Gupta

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