About Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

It’s no secret that classic and minimalist engagement rings have seen a resurgence among brides-to-be. Reflecting this trend, multiple celebrities preparing for their nuptials have opted for solitaire diamond engagement rings, including Adele, Kourtney Kardashian and Simone Biles.

What makes this particular ring style special? Whether you’re shopping around or finding inspiration, learn more about solitaire diamond engagement rings.

What Is a Solitaire Diamond Ring?

A solitaire diamond ring features a single diamond – no specific cut – mounted atop the band. No other stones support it, nor does the design incorporate other embellishments like a pavé band.

As the stone is the singular focal point, you’re advised to think about stone cut and how light will pass through to maximize the brilliance and sparkle.

Solitaire diamond rings deliver timeless appeal and make a bold, yet minimalist and clear statement.

What’s Behind Their Popularity?

Over the past few years, fashion has started gravitating toward longer-lasting, more timeless styles. Something too trendy can later result in a dated-looking engagement ring you consider modifying.

Beyond this point, solitaire diamond engagement rings:

  • Tend to complement wedding bands better than more elaborate styles. While engagement rings usually have the upper hand in terms of details and elegance, you want the two bands to feel like a pair after your wedding day. As wedding bands are crafted to be simpler, a more versatile engagement ring stacks better.
  • Are open to possibilities, especially where diamond cuts are concerned. As the diamond is the sole draw, you can maximize its sparkle by selecting an emerald, round, oval, pear, cushion or marquise cut.
  • Are easy to clean. Fewer stones means less crevices for dirt and debris to accumulate. You can soak the ring in warm water and gentle dishwashing liquid before removing any buildup with a microfiber cloth.
  • Offer a neutral yet brilliant style, ideal when you’re unsure of the recipient’s style. Should your partner want something more elaborate, a solitaire ring can easily be upgraded or modified with additional stones and details.

Tips to Select a Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

While at a glance, a solitaire diamond ring simply involves selecting a stone and band, keep the following in mind:

  • The 4Cs are more important than ever. Minimalism means you cannot cut corners or camouflage a stone with more inclusions, so look for a diamond that gleams and sparkles on its own. Cut and clarity are the two most important factors.
  • Research your stone. Whether it’s natural or manmade, make sure it’s a certified diamond.
  • Don’t forget about the band. Some opt for a double band or a degree of detail for uniqueness.
  • Consider its design in relation to a wedding band, including style and how well they stack together.

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