27 fun things for your May!

Hej Hej! How are you? 2022 continues to be challenging… inflation, Ukraine, crazy housing markets, broken supply chains, and so on… now, we do need to stay positive. Find our way through it!

My two eldest are 12 and nearly 15 (yes…!) and I am enjoying the conversations we have now. It is so different and fun. And also interesting how they receive and see world news, and the questions that come up from them. If your children are still little, I can confirm that you have some amazing times to look forward to. Promise!

Now, to bring you something light and fun, I compelled a very long Friday List (really proud that I managed to get it together for the last Friday of April!) for you! Enjoy:

matona kids wear
The new Matona collection* is so earthy!

Colourful kitchen accessories.


pastel twisted candles
Pretty beeswax & soy candles. In the trendy twist design, ribbed, or the more traditional diner candle. All in pretty colours of course.

Embroidered knits!


Cool family home in Copenhagen! Love all the wall colours.

Collaborate with Paul & Paula.


louise misha 2022
Louise Misha does summer like nobody else!

Totally my vibe.


cute heart coin purse
Cutest coin purse!


Great new books in our house:

1. Alte Zachen / Cicada
This is a powerful, affecting and deceptively simple story of Jewish identity, of generational divides, and of a restless city and its inhabitants.
alte zachen cicada

2. Explore the Rain Forest / Little Gestalten
Beloved characters Emma and Louis go on a trip to the wildest nature of our planet.

3. Let’s play indoors / Little Gestalten
A book that offers imaginative and resourceful ways to keep kids amused and inspired with games, crafts, and home-styled costumes inside the house.
lets play indoors book kids

4. Penny the mirror / Little Gestalten
Mirrors have it tough. They never feel like they are doing a good job, because when people look in the mirror, they (almost) always say bad things. But mirrors have feelings too, you know, and they take it personally.


lady bud vases handmade
OMG! These vases* are so adorable. Perfect little gift (or for yourself of course)….

Do you still shop from GAP?


colourful teen room
A colourful family home in Melbourne.

So fun: Best and most memorable gadgets from the last century that have been outdated!


jimboart plates animals

jimboart plates animals
I love me a great plate. Big or small. And these are truly adorable!

How to get your kid to do stuff without having to constantly remind them. Vox (maybe you can take away something from this article and make it work)


taichung theater
17 Most Beautiful Brutalist Buildings in the World. AD

Dress love*.


louise misha home
And Louise Misha has a great range of home accessories* now as well – ponchos, towels, blankets…. so good!

A toy popcorn machine. Fun!


green kitchen london

pretty hallway design
English houses (can) have so much charm. I would move in here right away! House & Garden

Apparently dolls are a really big thing this year. What did I miss?


house of margaux
Stumbled upon in a local shop that showcases small brands based in the UK. Love the prints!

Have a great month of May everyone. Lots of sunny bank holidays and maybe even a nice long weekend away. xoxo


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