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Since this little girl, who just turned nine, was a baby, Naturalmat has been a part of our lives. I was inspired by the product range on our Babyccino portal, before I even worked with Babyccino, while I was pregnant and looking for baby cots and soft fluffy sheepskin rugs. Naturally, Naturalmat was the obvious choice for a multitude of reasons — the first initially was location as their shop was around the corner in Notting Hill. Very convenient for me in London, but also they do have showrooms all over the globe!

But more than that, the real reason I was drawn to Naturalmat was because of their business, brand, and environmental values which I really admired. The mattresses are non toxic, organic, and made using as many locally sourced UK materials as possible. Great for the carbon footprint and the environment. Lovely values, the right way to start out a baby’s life. Well considered choices when possible, of course, for your wee one on the way.

We have purchased a cot, cot bed, a few lambskin blankets and I loved the brand so much I even purchased a mattress and bed for an interior design project I worked on as well. The range just works for all home needs.

Their Nursery range, spans from bedding to clothing. For tweens and teens, the Natural Teen mattresses are specially designed to handle drink spillages and biscuit crumbs, which offers firm support. It’s made to our exacting standards and contains lots of natural fillings such as Coir (coconut fibre) and natural Latex (tapped from rubber tress) with a classic ivory naturally fire retardant cotton cover.

Our daughter loves her new mattress, the Teen Spring Mattress. She spends lots and lots of time in bed as she is a total bookworm these days, and she is a fan.

For the rest of the home, from bedding to box benches, to wool blankets and more, all can be found here for the adults in the house. As well as this beautifully curated Homes & Garden edition which you must see.

But if Naturalmat is new to you, let me share the wonderful process, attention to detail, and ethos of their business as it really will make you realise the difference between a mattress and a Naturalmat mattress. Get ready for a tour of their process and materials…

The finished bed all cosy and comfy comes from…

…chemical free, natural materials, from the Naturalmat workshop in Devon, UK.

Attention to detail is just that. This is slow manufacturing at its finest. A team of professionals who start with sheep wool, coconut husks, and beautiful pure organic cottons to begin making your mattress come to life.

I love that the materials are so considered…

Such gorgeous craftsmanship, such respect for items that will last generations… 

A tour that makes you know and trust Naturalmat I am sure!

Sleeping is such a major part of our lives, and we want you to sleep worry free without wondering what your bed is made of, or how it may harm the environment while being made. We love working with Nauralmat, and although this post is sponsored, all the thoughts are genuinely ours.

If you want any new healthy routines too to enjoy your new mattress and bed, we love these posts from our archive to help you with that! Before bed bath salts. Yoga with the family to relax in your new bed! And even the best tip, a round up of recipes to have breakfast in bed for mamas (great year round!).

Sweet dreams on your new Naturalmat.


Lara in London

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