Met Gala Jewelry 2022 – Let’s Talk Vintage Gilded Glamour, Sustainability & Diamonds!

Published May 5, 2022

Most people wait all year in anticipation of the Red Carpet ‘Oscars’or ‘Grammys’, but not me!

I wait for the first Monday in May for one of the most celebrated fashion events of the year. The MET Gala is fashion’s most prestigious event because it is not only a well-curated exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but also a chance for designers to showcase couture pieces off the runway to members of the CFDA. As a strong admirer of fashion, I love hearing the inspirations and construction behind the pieces along with how much love for the fashion industry overflows from the entrance to the exhibit inside. 

Talk about making sustainability glamourous. This year’s MET GALA theme, “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” was all about celebrating the history of fashion in America. However, it wasn’t your typical decades’ theme party, this year’s exhibit wanted to celebrate fashion that has shaped moments in history. The exhibit will house several pieces worn by not only celebrities but actual political figures, activists, and even self-emancipated slaves. Some of the designs will for the first time get the recognition they deserve because for whatever societal reason there was at the time they were not acknowledged. 

This is what separates the MET Gala red carpet from any other, is the admiration for the fashion industry and its crucial role in how our society was formed. So much history was entwined with every piece that walked the iconic stairs. This year several designers challenged themselves to touch on history while remaining sustainable.

Did You Know???

  • Louis Vuitton chose to only dress celebrities in archived pieces, totaling in 14 celebrities. Some chose to wear something from their closet, like Emma Stone in her wedding dress, while others, like Cynthia Erivo were loaned a piece from their runway.
  • Celebrities challenged their favorite designers to upcycle; such as Sean Mendes, who convinced Tommy Hilfiger to recycle an old suit and some deadstock fabric. And if we’re talking about sustainability and history, what could be more appropriate than vintage and estate jewelry

As for jewelry, the vaults were opened and the carpet gleamed. “Gilded Glamour”, could not have been a more appropriate name for this theme. It’s not that far out of reach though, because this carpet showed us that vintage jewelry is the new trend. As the fashion industry has moved towards sustainability, many of the jewels worn by the stars were loaned or a vintage design.

  • Janelle Monae swayed onto the carpet covered from head to toe in a crystal-studded Ralph Lauren hooded dress. Her one-of-a-kind look was her challenge to the designer to stay on theme, and incorporate her signature black and white element, all while bringing the Gilded theme into the future. Her beautiful black & white elements on the hood and diamond-encrusted cuffs touch on the strong working-class history of America because this element is a tribute to her parents of mixed backgrounds who both worked as a janitor and truck driver. 

Let’s Take a quick peek at some of my favorites – readily available for your Gala Moment at

Jasmine Tookes as elegant as ever in her Cleopatra Emeralds

Golden Buccellati Baubles worn by Amber Valletta

From Buccellati to Bvgalri, the vintage jewelry houses did not disappoint in presenting some artfully crafted one-of-a-kind pieces on the MET’s gilded celebrities

Diamonds By The Yard and Kerry Washington

Audrey Hepburn and Ashley Park

Yellow Chiffon and Kris Jenner

Kim Kardashian

What better way to keep your whole look sustainable than by adding a gorgeous pair of our vintage diamond chandelier earrings, following the glamour trends of Kim Kardashian. Did I mention that her dress was the original dress Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang for JFK?


Being that we’re in May it felt only appropriate to see some beautiful Colombian Emerald Jewelry grace the carpet, as the birthstone for this month’s celebrations. Especially with a masterpiece similar to that worn by Michelle Yeoh – classic Emerald & Diamond Necklace elegance.

  • Tommy Dorfman was loaned emerald pieces by Fred Leighton that were over 200 years old; talk about upcycling! 
  • Blake Lively was seen sporting some gorgeously large emerald drop earrings that went with the Art Deco theme of her Atelier Versace dress. Her dress paid homage to some of the most iconic pieces of New York City architecture such as the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State building, and the Zodiac Mural on the ceiling of Grand Central. 

As the Consignment Team Manager and a member of the wonderful Dover Jewelry team, I can assure you that after seeing this red carpet:

Vintage is the way to go.

In my consignment world, I get the pleasure of hearing the history behind the pieces sent to Dover and helping to find them a new home.

Make your move towards glamorous sustainability by adding one of our vintage pieces to your collection and you too can be in “Gilded Glamour”. 

Ayla B.

Dover Jewelry Consignment Manager

Dover Media

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