Uneek Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Everyone has great stories about their mom. Many of them are about shared moments of laughter or joy. Many more are about unwavering support, kindness, or care. The time she dropped everything because you needed her, or the time that she understood you when no one else could.

Mothers hold a unique place in the hearts of their children and partners. Finding the perfect piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day can go a long way toward expressing just how much your mom means to you. Explore our Mother’s Day jewelry gift ideas to find a way to express your profound thanks to the woman who made everything possible.

#1: Uneek Stud Diamond Earrings, in 14K White Gold

Style # E243-5.0MM

The Uneek stud diamond earrings in 14K white gold are a dense collection of 80 round diamonds. A round 5mm centerpiece is surrounded by a pave of smaller diamonds giving the piece an overall weight of 0.29ct. This means these accessories pack a lot of radiance into their small size. 

Diamond stud earrings are classy and timeless accessories that can work with various outfits. They look outstanding in casual and glamorous settings because their discrete size won’t dominate an outfitOf course, that’s not to say that their sparkle won’t turn the heads of those nearby. 

Diamond studs are practical, versatile, and beautiful. They are the perfect gift for a mother who likes to look their best but also relishes subtle, refined style. If that sounds familiar to you, this could be the best jewelry to get your mom.


#2. Uneek Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Style # BR1002U30-6

The Uneek Diamond Tennis Bracelet is an incredible piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day. The bracelet is packed with stunning 55 round diamonds, giving it a combined weight of 5.87CT. It is the perfect gift for moms who are just as at home in a casual setting as they are at a black-tie affair.

Tennis bracelets, especially ones as exquisite as this Uneek piece, can work in several different styles. Tennis bracelets are thin and elegant, thanks to their composition. To be worthy of the name, the bracelet must feature side-by-side diamonds of the same size, clarity, cut, and color. This elegant gift is an incredible way to express your love.


#3. Uneek “Legacy” Diamond Chain Necklace, in 18K Yellow Gold

Style # NK2014DC

The Uneek “Legacy” Diamond Chain Necklace in 18K yellow gold is a masterful piece of jewelry that is fit for the most special of occasions. 

It is a great piece of jewelry to get your mom if she is the glamourous type. The necklace is linked by stunning yellow gold chains that give the piece its captivating outline. However, what really makes it stand out are the 318 round diamonds that outline each link to form a piece that will take your breath away.

At just over 17″, this necklace will glisten and sparkle in a way that your mother deserves. This jewelry is not for the shy and retiring types. It’s perfect for a fiery, passionate mother who is not afraid of the inevitable attention this elegant piece will bring.

#4. Uneek Eternity Diamond Wedding Band, in 18K White Gold

While this eternity ring is primarily popular as a wedding band, the sentiment of immortal love and commitment is something you can also express with jewelry for Mother’s Day. This stunning 18K white gold piece is something that your mother or partner will want to wear every day. The composition of an eternity ring is a band that is covered by a uniform line of identically cut diamonds. This splendid ring features 16 emerald-cut diamonds with a combined weight of around 11.64CT.

It is a showstopper with an astonishing amount of dazzle. Endlessly in fashion and perfect for any style, this is an excellent piece of jewelry to get your mom when you want to symbolize how deep your appreciation is for everything she does.

#5. Uneek Stackable Diamond Bangle

Style # BR6322jg

The Uneek Stackable Diamond Bangle is perfect for mothers who like to accessorize with a variety of bangles and bracelets. It is an excellent piece of jewelry to get your mom if she likes to mix and match an eclectic variety of jewelry to achieve a distinct look. The bangle contains a mix of 18K white and 18K yellow gold. However, what makes this piece impossible to forget are the 172 round diamonds with a combined weight of 2.5CT. 


It is a stunning piece of jewelry that will combine well with a variety of different bangles, including many of the pieces in our extensive stackable bangle collectionWith a mix of yellow, white, and rose gold, you can find a bangle that will suit anyone’s taste. All of the pieces are informed by Uneek’s hallmark of superb craft and artistry. 

The variety of styles takes in a mix of different compositions, with highlights including:


Explore the collection further to find the best piece of jewelry to get your mom. Of course, finding the right piece depends on the person. Should you need more gift ideas, you can investigate our other stunning collections, such as:

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