Which Chanel Flap Are You?

Mirror mirror on the wall, which Chanel classic is fairest of them all? Naturally, that choice may vary from day to day, season to season and even person to person. But how do you pick? Of course, color, material, and brand are all important considerations. But perhaps size is most important of all…

The size of the purse we gravitate toward often reflects the image we are trying to project. Even if it’s just momentary. Aiming for hot and trendy? Perhaps grab that micro-mini. Looking for something practical and efficient? Bring in the tote bag!

The number of Chanel flap sizes, however, puts the choice dilemma into overdrive. The House’s Flaps are famously adaptable. Able to complete or elevate nearly every possible ensemble, the appeal is perpetual- as are the possibilities (and, apparently, so are the price increases *wink*).

With this versatility, however, comes the added pressure of choosing a size that’s “just right”. Choosing from 7 different sizes for the Classic Flap, and 4 more for the Reissue, is no easy feat. Add to the equation seasonal sizes (like the Airline Flap) and picking the perfect one can be downright frustrating.

Shirin Homiar

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