Alia Bhatt’s gorgeous gemstones gold jewellery worn in RRR

Alia Bhatt looking beautiful wearing a Red Coral ring and Gold Jewelry


Alia Bhatt, the new bride in town has given wedding goals to one and all. The most anticipated wedding of the year – Ranbir and Alia (Ralia) have had a tranquil ceremony surrounded by closest friends and family. Alia has always been an inspiration, one of the youngest female stars of Bollywood who has managed to add stars to her career by some of the iconic movies like Razzi, Highway, Udta Punjab and more. Maintaining the legacy, she has played an amazing character in one of the blockbuster movies of the year 2022 – RRR. It was an outstanding movie which managed to give goosebumps to the viewers. The excitement of the audiences who couldn’t resist themselves hooting and dancing on the songs of this much-anticipated magnum opus RRR. Other than the action, the drama and emotions portrayed by the stars of the movie, something that managed to grab the eyeballs was the gemstones jewelry worn by Sita played by Alia Bhatt.

Alia looked absolutely glamorous in a green saree with golden jewelry. She gracefully managed to flaunt her scenes wearing gemstones jewelry. Throughout the movie, she has worn an exquisite Red Coral ring along with alluring jhumka earrings. Nevertheless, she managed to grab the attention of audiences with her mesmerizing look.

Now, we know how she managed to look so fearless and grabbed all the qualities of a Red Coral. This gemstone is widely popular for its astrological relevance and is also known by several names including, ‘Marjaan’, ‘Sinduja’, ‘Maheya’, ‘Vidrum’, ‘Praval Ratna’, ‘Musaragalva’, ‘Latamani’, ‘Mangalmani’ etc. Wearing this gemstone can help the wearer emerge from the difficult phase of Mangal Dasha, more smoothly and maturely. Find out all the benefits of wearing a Red Coral.

Gemstones jewelry has evolved as the new style statement and we have seen celebrities and royals wearing them in some form or the other. It is not just in the movies, actors are seen wearing gemstones rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings while promoting their films. Alia Bhatt garnered a tremendous fan following while she wore white pearls during a portion of the movie – RRR.

Gold Jewellery was one of the major highlights of the movie, beautifully designed white gold jewelry, the gold jhumka, many white gold rings are worn by many actors of the movie kept the audiences intact and longed for such traditional yet graceful jewelry. While if you too want such jaw-dropping pieces then GemPundit should be your only stop.

The trend of Gemstones Jewelry Evolving among the Gen

Apart from the effortless and eccentric style quotients, the rare, vibrant and exquisite gemstones are known for several attributes, be it prosperous, therapeutic, or spiritual. From Big B, aka Amitabh Bachchan, to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, renowned personalities nowadays don’t shy away from flaunting their jewellery embedded with tiny yet extremely powerful gemstones. Nowadays, the Gen Z and the millennial crowd are also seeking gemstones to surround themselves with positive vibes, self-confidence, and good luck.

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