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Barnett Hill is a beautiful boutique hotel in Surrey that swept us away. It is also easy to get to, and once there it feels like you are in your own little world of relaxation and luxury. It is a half an hour from London, or a short forty-minute drive from Heathrow. We drove in just under two hours, arrived at
Barnett Hill and instantly felt lighter.

It was a slightly overcast day, so we checked in early and grabbed a light lunch. But before I describe all the details of our two night stay, let me just say, no one wanted to go home when it was time. We truly got to relax and also feel pampered. This is where casual comfort meets a touch of getaway luxury, which is just what a family of five wants.
Luckily the sun shone from the afternoon of day one until the second that we left on day three. So despite the very helpful Ellie at the from desk, who kindly shared a half a dozen options for various day trips to parks, playgrounds, and grand houses locally, we decided to stay put at Barnett Hill. Less time in a car, more time playing exploring, sipping cups of tea, and enjoying family time too.

We embraced it as a true staycation. After all, such energy had already gone into designing a 
well considered focus on family so where possibly did we need to go when we had life size chess at our reach. And at our fingertips, we had two rounds of warm fries while playing scrabble (which we spent two hours playing — don’t judge us on our words!). We also kindly received kid sized backpacks for the children to personalise with fabric paint. They then used the bags on explorations complete with the guidebooks to identify birds and bugs that the hotel had gifted us.

There is so much space to play and so many adventures hidden amongst incredible landscaping, and just a few steps away from an unbelievable woodland walk. The grounds are great. The walk, wonderful. It is also a great distance, designed to be just under a mile loop, which is perfect for little legs. See these magical bluebell woods? Lining both sides of our path, the delicate flowers danced in the breeze, their violet glow enchanting, and their fragrance sweetly filling the air. We even saw a deer gallop by as butterflies and bees flew around.

So really, where did we need to go? Stay put and explore the grounds and the room, which wow, did NOT disappoint and which we could have stayed in for a week!

The room. The room! We opened the door to a gorgeous sunlight Master Suite (the Beatrice Cook room), a deep bath tub big enough for four, lovely organic bath soaps and lotions specifically designed for children, AND the cutest kids tepees with beds each outlined with magical fairy lights, and… well, three very happy kids. Can you see the genuine reactions as I opened the door to the suite? Happy as they come.

We personally loved all being in the same room, but there are many various layout options that suit your preferences. Forty four boutique rooms in fact. We loved our suite so much we later had breakfast both mornings in it. What a treat it is to have room service when you often are chasing after wee ones in restaurants. Although, that being said the restaurant staff is amazing and fabulous with children.

Over the course of our stay, we had a great variety of food from room service to delicious three course meals. We enjoyed a nice dinner in the Oak Room restaurant, a casual snack of yummy chips while playing board games in the bright and beautiful bar, and an
exquisite handmade afternoon tea in the lounge overlooking the beautiful lily pond.

There were moments we felt so relaxed with beautiful blooms of wisteria growing along the lovely brick building, and bright pink bushes of rhododendrons bursting with fragrant flowers that we felt we had been transported to a Tuscan spring.


We enjoyed the reception desk’s seasonal Spring scavenger hunt after the toddler woke up from her naps on exquisite Egyptian cotton sheets, and we just relaxed. Really relaxed.  We ate wonderful food. Played football and read books. The husband even had a little massage. And I may nave even enjoyed an unusual for me nap. All in an exquisite home. Schedule free. Fun. Barnett Hill has so much to offer, we would go back in a heartbeat.

Enjoy your travels, may they bring you relaxation and if you are lucky, the beauty of Barnett Hill.


ps Looking for somewhere else that is both unique, lux, and family friendly? Let me highly recommend Great Fosters, close to Windsor and great for a getaway!

Lara in London

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