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Make an Impression

“Because you’re not like anyone else.”

Mr. Big’s words in Sex and the City perfectly encapsulate the unique black diamond. Whether it’s the feature stone for an engagement ring like Carrie Bradshaw’s or the show-stopping centerpiece on a pair of tear-drop earrings, the black diamond shows up to make an impression.

Did you grow up listening to “Misery Business” and experimenting with emo fashion trends? Black diamonds have a cult following—and you’re probably in it.

Whether you gravitate toward the ebony stone for its chic look or its nostalgic vibes, building your fine jewelry collection doesn’t mean you have to outgrow you.

What Is a Black Diamond?

If you’ve ever shopped for colorless diamonds, you know what an inclusion is. It’s a tiny imperfection on the surface of the diamond and can affect the colorless diamond’s value and sparkle.

A black diamond is a stone that’s made up almost entirely of these inclusions. Tiny fractures that formed over billions of years allow the diamond to retain its durability. It’s actually the strongest diamond you can find!

The natural black diamond is extremely rare—and thought to be of extraterrestrial origin. Most black diamonds on the market today are natural colorless diamonds that have been treated.

Black Diamonds vs. Carbonado

Have you ever heard of natural carbonado? This is a more scientific term for what we know as the “black diamond”.

Carbonado simply refers to the chemical makeup of the black diamond, and it typically references the natural black diamond gemstone, not the treated one. Nitrogen and hydrogen present in the stone lead scientists to believe carbonado was from meteors.

The History of Black Diamond Jewelry

Like other colorful diamond options, black diamonds didn’t gain popularity with the fine jewelry crowd until recently. Now they make regular appearances at red carpet events and are popular among men and women who want to wear a gemstone that has more of a classic flair.

If you love having access to black diamonds, you can thank Mr. Big for his stellar taste—as well as celebrities like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna.

Black Diamond Quality

Like all precious and semi-precious gemstones, the best way to identify whether or not it’s a quality piece is to consider the Four C’s: Color, Cut, Carat, and Clarity.

How to Recognize a Quality Black Diamond

The black diamond has a different grading system from typical colorless diamonds. The most valuable black diamonds are the ones that retain their inky color. The highest quality stones should shimmer without any traces of white.

Celebrities Who Stun in Black Diamond Jewelry

How quick are you to recognize a black diamond on the red carpet? These celebrities are famous for making black diamond jewelry classic and memorable:

Blake Lively

Gossip Girl here. The stunning Blake Lively has been spotted wearing black diamond earrings to her movie premieres. These spectacular red carpet moments are accompanied by a classic little black dress and her adoring husband Ryan Reynolds on her arm.

Carrie Bradshaw (aka Sarah Jessica Parker)

Carrie Bradshaw is the fictional main character of Sex and the City. But don’t let that discredit her. Her New York City style has shaped an entire generation of millennial fashionistas. When her long-awaited proposal finally happens, her fiance pulls out a black diamond engagement ring—the only piece of jewelry as unique as her.

Taylor Swift

When she released her revenge album Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor Swift perfectly emulated the theme with black diamond jewelry. Some of the gemstones were shaped into snakes, while others—like her black diamond earrings—were stunning accent pieces.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

The black diamond engagement ring trend is just getting started. For women who love elegance and fashion statements that make them stand out from the crowd, a black diamond engagement ring is the perfect option to seal the deal.

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The Pros and Cons of Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Should you buy a black diamond engagement ring for your lover? Consider these pros and cons to determine whether the black diamond is the right stone for her:

The Pro List

  • Black diamonds are incredibly durable. They will last a lifetime and more!
  • They match everything. If she likes to appear put together with matching shoes and jewelry, the black diamond is a great option to consider.
  • They are trendy. It’s a great time to unveil a black diamond engagement ring!
  • Black diamonds are more affordable, even when they are of higher quality.

The Con List

  • They might not be considered “natural” as other gemstone options. Since most black diamonds are natural white diamonds which are treated in order to gain their color, some might not consider them as pure as colorless diamonds.
  • They are newly popular and  non-traditional, which might not be her — and that’s okay. There are tons of other diamonds and colorful gemstones to choose from. 

Men’s Black Diamond Jewelry

Men deserve a moment in the spotlight. Black diamond jewelry for men is increasing in popularity—and a great way to put a masculine spin on a piece of fine jewelry. 

The opportunities are endless for these diamonds—and they can be added to almost any custom piece. Some of our most popular designs for men include our signature Apple watch band collection, cufflinks, and men’s earrings.

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Let Diamondere Help You Live Your Black Diamond Jewelry Dreams

If you wish to purchase black diamond jewelry but don’t know where to start, our jewelers will be happy to walk you through the process. 

We’ve guided thousands of people like you through the jewelry buying process, and we are happy to help you create your own custom piece—or choose one from our exquisite website selections.

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