Summer Engagement Ideas

Summer is one of the best seasons of the year. Warm weather, long days, and vacations contribute to an overall feeling of happiness and positivity for all. Summer is also one of the most popular times to propose. Romantic trips, picnics, and gorgeous sunsets are some of the best times to ask for someone’s hand in marriage.

Are you planning to propose this summer? It’s important to find the right ring, location, photographer and celebration to enjoy this memorable occasion.


Finding the Perfect Ring

Choosing the perfect ring is a crucial aspect of any proposal. An engagement ring is a way to show the love and respect you have for your partner, as you ask them to spend forever together. It is important to understand what style speaks to your partner. Additionally, keep in mind emerging engagement ring trends. Here are some of our favorite engagement ring styles to inspire as you plan your summertime engagement.


Classic rings are always in style. They are suitable for traditional brides, trendsetters, and everyone in between. 

Two great examples of the classic style are:


1) Uneek Us Collection Oval Diamond Engagement Ring, in 14K White Gold

2) Uneek 3-Carat Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring with Pave “Silhouette” Double Shank, in 14K Yellow Gold


Colored gemstones have become increasingly popular in the fashion and jewelry industry of late. The vibrant, awe-inspiring colors are perfect for a summer engagement. At Uneek, we stand out amongst our competitors for our award-winning gemstone pieces. 


1) Uneek Radiant Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Uneek

2) Pear-Shaped Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring, in Platinum


Modern vintage style rings draw inspiration from past styles and combine them with a more contemporary look. This process creates striking rings that will suit brides who embrace a boho-chic style or Art Deco style.


1) Uneek “Fiorire” Two-Stone Diamond Ring with Cushion Halos and Pave Shank in 14K White Gold, and Under-the-Head Filigree in 14K Rose Gold


2) Uneek 7-Carat Cushion-Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with Antique-Inspired Ornamented Gallery, in Platinum

Planning the Proposal: Location

Once you have found the perfect ring, next to focus on is the perfect location for your proposal. Ask yourself what your partner would prefer. Would they enjoy something private and intimate? Or does their opinion of the ideal engagement involve friends and family?

Some of the most popular places to propose are on a picnic, on a hike, on the beach, or during a magical sunset. Surprise them on your summer getaway, or plan a special evening at home. Consider a location that holds significant memories for both of you. Where you first met, kissed, or spent time together are all sentimental places to consider.


Book a Photographer

Depending on the location you choose, you may be able to find a way to preserve your special moment. Hiring a photographer is a beautiful way to memorialize your engagement with professional photos. 

You can ask the photographer to secretly capture the lead-up to your exciting moment, the proposal itself, and the joyous and emotional aftermath. Some couples also choose to get their photographs taken after the proposal. This allows you to spend some private time together before posing for the camera. 


Get the (Future) Bride Ready

If your plan is to surprise your partner and celebrate on the same night, you’ll need to get creative. Getting the future bride ready for photographs without her being suspicious will require delicate planning. 

A future bride will want to have their hair and nails ready. One way to achieve this is to treat them to a haircut and a manicure on the day of the event. Otherwise, enlist the help of their friends or family to help you organize the logistics. Ensure your partner is camera-ready by telling her you are eating at an upscale restaurant. You can propose there or get creative and make a pit-stop where you choose the ultimate romantic setting.


Plan the Perfect Summer Engagement Party

Engagement is a memorable and special season. The joy and happiness you both feel after you propose is something incredible that you will want to share with your friends and family. 

Planning an engagement party after your proposal is an excellent way to celebrate your magical moment. While you are focused on asking for your partner’s hand in marriage, consider hiring a party coordinator or ask a friend to help plan all of the party details. The party can be as formal or informal as you’d like; just remember to pick the type of party you know your bride-to-be would love — including the people they’d want there.

Make this summer one of the most memorable seasons of your life by getting engaged. Allow Uneek to assist you in selecting a special ring that will symbolize your love forever. 








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