Travel: Seven Extraordinary Desert Escapes For A Mindset Shift | The Journal

An assemblage of canvas-clad lodgings strung across Utah’s far-out but beautiful Canyon Country, the call of the wild is immediately palpable here. And though, yes, you’re technically camping, roughing it this is not. Sizeable beds sit atop cowhide-strewn timber floors, gutsy showers blast away lingering desert dust and every gaze is directed to those epic sandstone plateaus. It’s once the heat lets up and night descends that the next-level desertscapes really come alive, so map a moonlit off-road circuit through Arches National Park’s rougher, seldom-seen stretches. It’s not for the faint of heart, but on an after-dark expedition, you can see coyotes, bobcats and prowling mountain lions.

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