Coastal Grandmother Style: Is it you?


Happy Monday, ladies!  Today I am going to initiate a discussion about the Coastal Grandmother Style and ask is it you?

The first time I watched Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give, I was drawn to her style.  In fact, I watched the movie over again just to look at what she was wearing!  Ok, maybe to also look at Keanu Reeves!

In the movie, she becomes one of the inspirations for this trend.

I think the biggest con to the Coastal Grandmother phase is that it is being marketed as a trend and came from Tik Tok, a place I do not really frequent at all.

Trends can waste our money if they are not right for our overall unique personal style.

Coastal Grandmother Style

However, I choose to look at coastal grandmother as more of a lifestyle, such as the Danish lifestyle Hygge, and if your style adjectives, colors, and lifestyle tastes match up…then it is time to declare yourself a coastal grandmother.

Peace and tranquility also swirl around this lifestyle.  As does, sustainability.

Another con is the name…. you need not be a grandmother with grandchildren or live on a coast to participate…one of the reasons I like style adjectives is they are so much simpler to get.

The grandmother label is most often used in fashion as a negative…so the phase on Tik Tok is surprising to me.


Coastal Grandmother Style

As I told you yesterday when explaining my husband’s preferences, I described him as someone of high quality, simple fashion….so is coastal grandmother style.  High quality simple, casual looks.

The most common traits of the coastal grandmother style would include

Simplicity, Easy


Timeless fashion

High Quality, natural fabrics…especially linen and cotton for summer

Relaxed and comfy

A touch of menswear

Soft neutrals and soft colors

Many of the popular looks include button down tops, bags used as shopping bags (think flea market at the beach); low sneakers; espadrilles; loafers; bucket hats; chinos, cardigans and small jewelry.

Here are brands and pieces you might consider when shopping coastal grandmother style & it is popular with Eileen Fisher fans:



Coastal Grandmother Style 

I confess, I am really attracted to this style, but this picture is the closest I have been to it so far….I know the cantaloupe pants don’t do it.

While most coastal grandmothers are styling their looks in the colors of the sand and sea, I am more the bright SUN!

I still like having polished (tailored) in my style adjectives and my creativity would never be called simple.

It would not take much tweaking to become coastal, though, I love my vibrant autumn palette and that doesn’t fit at all.

As long as I dress in my colors and wear looks that meet my adjectives, I believe I am being true to me and my unique style.

However, now more than ever before I do not want to waste money and like having my guidelines to keep me on budget.  Adjectives can be tweaked though if you want to go coastal grandmother.

What about you…if coastal grandmother is you then own it and enjoy it…there are many adjectives that would go with these styles…just be careful of trends that are not you.

Coastal Grandmother Style


Any way, we all can sit around a glass of wine and discuss it…that’s fun.

Let me know what you think….and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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