TORRAS Coolify2 Neck Air Conditioner

Summer inevitably brings hotter weather and sticky conditions and if it all becomes a bit to much, you’ll want to invest in some tech that can help keep you cool when the mercury begins to rise. Enter the TORRAS Coolify2 Neck Air Conditioner which is an impressive bit of kit that you can wear around your next and will instantly bring about a reduction in your temperature when you’re feeling too hot. Chill, instantly. Cool down 27°F in just one second. Impressive stuff.

The TORRAS Coolify2 Neck Air Conditioner will set you back $179 which, in our humble opinion, is a small price to pay for keeping cool on a hot summer’s day. This impressive bit of kit from TORRAS uses the highly innovative KU 2.0 chip that is responsible for the high quality performance of this cooling device. The gargantuan 3D airflow power of the Coolify2 Neck Air Condition personalises your temperature, anytime, anywhere. Feeling hot under the collar this summer? Not anymore thanks to TORRAS.


The Coolify2 Neck Air Conditioner from TORRAS needs just three hours of charging for 18 hours of use so it is perfect for charging overnight and taking into the hot summer air with you the following morning. With a Flex-to-Fit 0-160° design, the Coolify2 makes one-size-fits-all possible so even if you’re got a neck like a tree-trunk, you shouldn’t have any problem in using this cooling kit from TORRAS. Smart, as it should be, it uses NTC smart temperature control to keep your temperature much more manageable throughout the day.

Incredibly portable and safe to use, it’s little wonder that more and more people are adding the TORRAS Coolify2 Neck Air Conditioner to their everyday carry line up this summer because keeping cool on the go – especially on underground trains, public transport and even just walking the streets is easier said than done when the sun is blaring down. With the Coolify2 you’ll never be too hot and can control your temperature much more effectively.

It works by using cooling particles to draw heat away from your body instantly and the Coolify2 has four patented air ducts, each with a 1.5″ bladeless fan. These fans are combined to fully refresh you with the simple press of a button. So, whenever you’re feeling hot under the collar, just press the button on the Coolify2 and you’ll be down to a much more pleasant temperature almost straight away. What’s not to like about that? The good news just keeps on coming with the Coolify2. It doesn’t just keep you cool in summer, it also keeps you warm in the cold winter when switched to heat mode. Like what you see? Head on over to the TORRAS site now.

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