15 Club Dresses & Bodycon Dresses for a Night Out

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Planning a fun night out with your friends, but unsure what to wear? Or just looking for the perfect outfit for going clubbing? Nights out are always a blast, but clubs are different than regular bars. So if you’re looking for the perfect outfit for going clubbing, you’ve come to the right place.

My absolute favorite thing about going out is getting all dressed up with my friends, and when you go clubbing you can definitely go all out with your outfit.

So, if you have a super sequin cute dress that you have been dying to wear, but didn’t know where was appropriate to wear it, going to a club is the perfect opportunity!

Below, I’ll share some tips on what to wear for clubbing and some hot dresses for clubbing that are sure to impress.

First, what is fashionable clubbing attire?

A few years ago I would have told you that the only appropriate clubbing attire was a short bodycon dress, because that was what was trendy back then. However, things have started to change recently, and now you have so many more options than before.

For example, have you noticed that maxi dresses are coming back into style?

This has led many people to start wearing longer dresses while going out with their friends, therefore, making wearing maxi dresses at clubs more common. (We have a stunning silver example below!)

So, if you love a cute maxi dress, don’t worry because you can totally wear it out with your friends. And, for those of us who still love bodycon dresses, you can totally still wear those too. It’s all about the vibe that your dress gives off.

For example, when picking out your next go-to clubbing outfit think about wearing a classic all-black bodycon dress to give off nightime vibes. Or, you could wear a sparkly maxi dress to give off party vibes.

And, a new trend that I also love recently that has changed popular clubbing attire is the new retro and colorful fashion items that everyone seems to be wearing now.

A few years ago, I would have said you should stick to black or solid colors when going out, but now you pretty much can wear whatever color dress you like and can even wear dresses with super cool designs and patterns.

If this all sounds exciting to you, check out this list of 15 trendy, cute, and hot dresses for clubbing that you will die for.

15 Hot Dresses for Clubbing

1. Jared Mini Dress

Jared mini dress from princess polly

If your go-to clubbing outfit is usually just a simple black dress and you want to change up your going-out looks a little, I recommend trying this gorgeous black mini dress.

This mini dress will give you the simple black dress look with a little sparkle added to it with the pretty rhinestone design on the top.

This will give you a classic but also trendy going-out outfit for the next time you go clubbing with friends.

2. Oasis Strapless Mini Dress

Oasis strapless mini dress from princess polly

If you really want to look trendy and stand out the next time you go out, consider going for a dress with a graphic design like this one.

You probably have seen that graphics are very popular in fashion right now on pretty much any item and dresses are no exception.

So, why not look super trendy while going out with your friends by purchasing this super cool dress with a tiger graphic design. It gives me total 2000s Ed Hardy throwback vibes… in the best way.

3. Sequin One-Shoulder Gown

Sequin one-shoulder gown from forever 21

If you want to try out a long dress look, but don’t want a full-on maxi dress, I would recommend going for a long dress with a slit, like this one.

Not only will this dress give you a different kind of look from the usual short dresses, but also it comes in a beautiful silver sequin design that is perfect for clubbing. You will turn so many heads in this one!

4. Hazel Cut Out Mini Dress

Hazel cut out mini dress from princess polly

If black mini dresses are your thing, this is the exact dress you need for the next time that you go out. This black dress comes with a super cute cutout and bow design on the sides and it also has a bustier style top, which is so flattering and adorable!

5. Chaya Mini Dress

Chaya mini dress from princess polly

Are you trying to find a super trendy dress to go out in? Then this is definitely the dress for you.

This dress comes in a ton of super cute colors and a retro design that will make you look super trendy the next time you go out with your friends. These swirl designs are everywhere this year and they’re super fun to rock at a club.

6. Cher Mesh Dress

Cher mesh dress from tiger mist

As mentioned above, abstract, colorful designs are a big fashion trend these days. So, if you want a hot dress for clubbing that includes these trends, this aqua blue one is an amazing option!

Not only is this dress trendy in color and print, but it also incorporates a bit of the tube top trend we’re seeing this season thanks to its strapless cut.

7. Coralie Maxi Dress

Coralie maxi dress from princess polly

For those of us looking for a maxi dress that would be appropriate to wear out with friends, this is the perfect dress for you!

This maxi dress is full length, however, it comes with a mesh design to make the dress a little more nighttime-appropriate.

It also comes in this super cool red and black design that will make you look super trendy.

8. Nellie Mini Dress

Nellie mini dress from princess polly

Are you looking for a super cute simple but colorful dress to wear the next time you go out? If you are, then this dress is for you!

This dress is simple, but the material and the beautiful fuchsia color that it comes in will definitely make you stand out the next time you go out.

9. Sequin Ruched Bodycon Mini Dress

Sequin ruched bodycon mini dress from forever 21

If you are a girl who loves her sequins, you should consider purchasing this sequined ruched bodycon mini dress!

Not only will this hot dress be perfect for clubbing or a party, but also it comes in this gorgeous green color (and green is totally in right now!). What’s not to love?

10. Delish Mini Dress

Delish mini dress from princess polly

This hot dress for clubbing is a sparkly twist on the usual go-to all-black bodycon going out dress.

It’s a little tough to see in the picture, but this dress is actually sparkly! It’s going to shine so beautifully under the lights at any club — it’s an absolutely stunning dress.

11. Star Sequin Square Neck Mini Dress

Star sequin square neck mini dress form nasty gal

Are you looking for a super cool dress to wear going out that has a fun design on it? Then, you should purchase this star sequin mini dress! This is the perfect dress for going out because it totally gives off clubbing and partying vibes.

It also is perfect for those of us who adore sequin dresses or if you are looking for a dress with a cute design on it that would be appropriate to wear clubbing or going for a night out with your friends.

12. Faye Ruched One-Shoulder Dress

Faye ruched one-shoulder dress from lucy in the sky

The one-shoulder dress style is also very popular right now, so why not wear a super cute one-shoulder dress like this one when you go out with your friends?

The one-shoulder design of this dress will give you a trendy look that is not as over the top as other dresses might be if you are looking for a more lowkey look.

What I also love about this dress is the super cute ruched design and beautiful green color that it comes in!

13. White Two-Piece Mini Dress

White two piece mini dress from Lulus

White is not a color you probably associate with nightlife, but it’s actually an amazing choice for a clubbing dress. That’s because white stands out under black lights and can really set you apart from the crowd.

If you want to rock a white dress for your next night out, this two-piece white dress from Lulus is seriously so cute! It has a trendy ruched detail that makes it look amazing on every body shape, plus the top laces up in the back for a perfect fit.

14. Kurt Maxi Slip Midi Dress

Kurt maxi slip mini dress from princess polly

If you want a simple long dress, maybe with a slit, but nothing too crazy, you should definitely pick up this dress to wear the next time you go out with your friends.

This dress comes in gorgeous shiny champagne color and is actually a midi dress if you are looking for something a little shorter than a maxi dress.

It also comes with a slit on the side to give the dress a more fun look!

15. Aryana Corset Dress

Aryana corset dress from tiger mist

If you adore a cute strapless dress for going out, I would recommend purchasing this black strapless dress!

Not only will this dress show off your shoulders, but also it comes with a cool tie design on the side to give the dress a club vibe and to also make you stand out.

So if you love strapless dresses, but want something different than just a plain all-black strapless dress for going out, I highly recommend purchasing this dress to wear the next time you go out with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear a maxi dress to a club?

Yes, as mentioned above, you can absolutely wear a maxi dress to a club. Just make sure the vibe of the dress is sultry and eye-catching — nothing overly floral or ruffly for a night out. It needs to read as nighttime-appropriate. If you’d wear it to a garden party, rethink it for a club.

What should you NOT wear to a club?

Don’t go too casual for a club. This is your time to go all out with your look! This means skip the flip flops, basic t-shirts, and boyfriend jeans. If you’d wear it to a backyard barbecue with your grandma present, it’s probably not right for a club.

What are your favorite dresses for clubbing?

What dresses are you going to buy? Which dress are you most excited to wear? Tell me all your clubbing fashion tips in the comments down below.

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