Hautelinks: How to Help Uvalde, BTS at Ulta, Work Bags, & More

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If you, like me, are sick over what happened in Uvalde this week, please join me in taking action instead of just saying “there’s nothing we can do.” I donated to Sandy Hook Promise and called my reps. Here’s a list of organizations to donate to, and here’s an easy script you can use to contact your representatives (it takes 1 minute!):

Also, because everyone seems to have opinions on what will help, let’s use actual facts when we discuss this issue. Here’s research on the policies that ACTUALLY curtail gun violence (and what doesn’t help).

I also found Everytown’s list of gun policies compared to gun violence rates by state VERY interesting. How does your state stack up?

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming… Check out these AAPI-owned beauty brands to add to your rotation.

Find out what prom song defines you based on your zodiac sign.

In case you missed them, see the best red carpet looks from the 2022 Cannes Film Festival in Vogue’s roundup.

BTS fans, have you scooped up this new beauty collab at Ulta? It’s seriously SO cute!

Here’s the Subreddit you’ll want to check before buying new makeup online, via Refinery29.

The Guardian shares absolutely everything you need to know about the popular Gua-Sha trend, from its origins to what it actually does to your face with regular use.

Well, I’m obsessed with everything Hailey Bieber does, but her latest manicure look is seriously SO cute. Copying ASAP.

If you need some new shoes for summer, ELLE has a great roundup of trendy pairs you’ll love.

And if you need a new work bag for that summer internship, here’s a roundup of stylish options from low to high end.

Jessica Alba talked to Glossy about Honest’s first concealer and how many “clean” products on the market aren’t actually that…

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