Jewelry Cleaning at Home – Underwoods Fine Jewelers

Underwood’s jewelry is made to last a lifetime, but proper care and cleaning is essential to keep it looking beautiful all the time. Everyday tasks such as cleaning, kitchen work, and even applying lotion or hairspray can dirty up jewelry quickly. Cleaning jewelry regularly will keep it shiny and reduce the amount of buildup from everyday wear. Germs can get buried deep inside your jewelry and without proper cleaning, can cause bacterial infections.

Keep in mind that different metals and stones require different types of cleaning so make sure you’re using the best method possible for your jewelry. You can always use commercial jewelry cleaners, like our Underwood’s branded cleaner, or you can try out some at-home methods.  It’s also best to use a jewelry polishing cloth because the fibers in paper towels and other cloths can cause small scratches on the surface of your jewelry.



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