PANGAIA Launches Grape-Leather Sneakers in Summer Colorways – Por Homme

PANGAIA ups the fashion sustainability game with sneakers made from grapes. As summer creeps in, the brand announces the launch of two new playful flavors to its Grape-Leather Sneakers, Dark Pistachio and Baby Blue. 

Its ultra-comfortable, lightweight, and breathable sneakers currently come in monochromatic colorways, such as Off-White, Sand, Black, Sakura Pink, and Saffron Yellow.

Thanks to the Italian wine industry, these genderless sneakers are a step toward circularity and decreasing waste. The shoes were constructed by repurposing discarded grape skins, stalks, and seeds into lightweight imitation leather. It also uses an 86% natural rubber sole made from upcycled industrial waste.

The collection launches today, retailing at $220. Visit to get yours.


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