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One of the World’s Most Sought-After Maker-Built Pouches

Like many success stories, this one started in a humble home garage back in 2015. And now, Matt Chambers (owner/founder) has gone from a small carry maker to an on-fire brand quickly. 

Working strictly from his garage in Tennessee, Matt has built up Garage Built Gear (GBG) into a community favorite, while making everything by himself, one stitch at a time. 

Why have these pouches seen lightning-fast sell-outs? Sometimes only a matter of seconds. What makes GBG products so sought after? If you ask his loyal customers, all ready to order whenever and whatever he releases something, they’ll all tell you: quality, functionality, style, great materials, and 100% handmade by Matt in Tennessee, USA.

Garage Built Gear

GBG’s various sizes offer customers options for their loadouts, however unique they may be. From minimal EDC to med kits, tool kits, travel kits, electronics and cables, and more. GBG also likes to play around with fabrics, opting for colorful and fun options, so your kit can match your style or personality. The pouches can even match your gear’s “theme”, if you will. 

The secret got out quickly, Garage Built Gear makes awesome stuff and everyone who was in the know… knew about it. Our readers and our team all have been huge fans… whenever they’ve been able to get their hands on one, anyway. We figured, why not give it a shot? Let’s see if Matt would be up for doing something wild together. 

Garage Built Gear x Carryology Kobold Pouch

Taylor Welden

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