How to be a Model – 1960 Beauty School 4K 60fps

A peek inside a top London beauty school. A group of young women learn how to model. From Girls Girls Girls (Baim Collection).

Three women attending a modelling class in a London beauty school

The beauty school models include future actress Tania Mallet who played bond girl Tilly Masterson in Goldfinger (1964). Here she portrays a novice. Filmed at the famous Lucie Clayton Charm Academy by Michael Winner.

Watch How to be a Model in 1960 – Vintage Tutorial

Excerpt from Girls Girls Girls (1961) © Baim Collection – How to become a model

The girls learn how to stand correctly for the perfect model pose. How to walk in heels and how to elegantly sit in to an automobile!

A modelling student learns the ‘modelling walk.’ © Baim Film Collection.

Harold Baim Colour Film Collection

With thanks to Richard Jeffs and the Baim Film Collection.
Published by GlamourDaze by kind permission of the Harold Baim Film Collection

Excerpt from Girls Girls Girls 1961
Produced by Harold Baim.
Directed by Michael Winner.
Narrator: Jack Jackson.

How to walk like a model. Girls Girls Girls (1961) – © Baim Film Collection

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Harold Baim made over 100 glorious technicolor colour film shorts – mainly for cinema release. The archive is a colourful window in to the 1950s and swinging sixties.

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How to sit gracefully in to a car. 1960s model tips
How to gracefully enter a car seat. Girls Girls Girls (1961) © Baim Film Collection
Two London beauty school students in 1961
Two London beauty school students in 1961. © Baim Films

That’s all ! © Glamourdaze

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