The 3 Best Music Genres For Runway Music

One of the main factors to consider when choosing songs for a fashion show is your budget. Luckily, it may not always lead to disappointment. Some fashion show event planners with sufficient funds opt for an orchestra, a popular live artist, or songs prevalent in pop culture. As you might guess, these options are typically costly.

Many fashion shows utilize background instrumentals with little to no lyrics. While this is the most cost-effective method, it can also be the most effective for the show and the audience. So, having established that instrumental music is ideal, how do you pick a song for a runway or fashion show?

You must first decide what type of music you are looking for. This should mainly depend on the designer’s fashion style according to their pieces. The season for which the line of clothes is meant can also be important. For colorful, bold pieces in the summer, you may want upbeat music with a flowing rhythm. Darker, more sophisticated clothing lines may call for a slower, more classical touch.

After deciding which music you want for the show, you will have to find a way to get the music. This is typically done in one of three ways:

  • Online licensing for royalty-free music
  • Gain permission to use music from artist or record label
  • Pay allowance fees to the Performance Rights Organizations

Getting online licensing for royalty-free music is typically the cheapest option of the three, but for certain genres or songs, you might look to the other options.


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