Kitanica VESPID 30L Backpack Review



Kitanica as a whole has a very rugged, utilitarian, and tactical look in their designs. The VESPID takes on the utilitarian and tactical look but makes it a bit more streamlined and modern, especially due to the laser-cut PALS and the muted colors. 

The more geometric construction of the pack with the two-tone panels (as seen on the Ranger Green and Wolf Gray variants) shows that there was thought going into making this bag look aesthetically pleasing instead of just being utilitarian. The pack also maintains its structure thanks to some foam and the use of laminates.


Kitanica has a long-standing history of making high-quality, almost overbuilt gear — this VESPID pack is no exception. The VESPID’s build quality and finish will give high-end packs a run for their money since not a single loose thread or any sort of minute imperfection was seen upon taking it out of the box or after regular use. 

The VESPID is constructed in a way that helps it keep its shape and structure due to foam sheets in different areas, like the lid and front panel. The sheets help protect whatever is stored within the pack, but also help add structure and tension to the materials so that the pack is able to maintain its shape instead of becoming floppy. 

Kitanica VESPID

Materials and Hardware

The materials and hardware used here are all high quality. Starting with the materials, the pack is mainly constructed using a laminated Squadron 500D Cordura Nylon with a PU coating on the back, as well as a DWR on the face side. This gives the majority of the pack a decently weatherproof and tough face. This laminate Cordura is actually pretty stiff, which makes it great for having the laser cut PALS in it and offers better load bearing compared to regular Cordura Nylon. The inside of the bag is lined with a 210D Nylon which also makes up the tech sleeve and the open-top pockets.

Kitanica VESPID

YKK zippers are used throughout the bag with #10s being used for the main opening and #8s for the rest of the pockets. The zippers use 550 cord with shrink tubing for the pulls, making them easy to grab onto. The plastic hardware used on the Kitanica VESPID comes from WooJin, including the funky magnetic sternum strap.

Kitanica VESPID

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