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Today, I thought I would share some of my favorite travel essentials from Amazon. Whether you are traveling in the car or taking a plane to your destination, each of the items below will help keep you organized and make your life easier. I even like to keep some of these items in the camper when we are away from home!

15 Amazon Travel Must Haves

  1. Travel Pillow | This inflatable and washable pillow is a game changer! If you don’t like the typical neck pillows, I would suggest trying this one. My assistant can’t say enough good things about it.
  2. Straightener or Curling Iron Travel Pouch | I love that this pouch is heat resistant. You can put your hair tools in while they’re still hot and not worry about them ruining anything in your suitcase!
  3. Packing Cubes | This set of 7 packing cubes comes in a cute pink leopard print to help you stay organized! I love that there are multiple laundry pouches to put dirty clothes.
  4. Digital Hand Luggage Scale | If you’ve ever been told your suitcase is over the weight limit and had to shuffle things around at the airport, then this is for you.
  5. Travel Cup Holder for Suitcase |This fits two coffee cups and leaves your hands free while going through the airport.
  6. Portable Charger | You know that moment when your phone is about to die, and you can’t find a place to charge it? This portable charger will save the day, and you can’t beat the $40 price!
  7. Steamer for Clothes | Compact and perfect for travel.
  8. Canvas Weekender Bag |  This bag comes in different patterns, it holds my laptop, and it has a back side sleeve so you can slide it over your suitcase handle.
  9. Disposable Mini Travel Toothbrushes | I like to have these in my purse.
  10. Travel Bottles TSA Approved | These are good, and they’re leakproof.
  11. Travel Jewelry Storage | I didn’t have one of these for a long time, and I don’t know why because they keep my jewelry organized, and my necklaces don’t get tangled.
  12. Makeup Travel Bag | This is great for traveling and holds a lot.
  13. In Flight Phone Mount | No more holding your phone in your hand while trying to watch something on it during the flight!
  14. Travel Pill Organizer | I love that this pill organizer has AM & PM medication spots.
  15. Body Wipes | After a long day of traveling, it’s always nice to freshen up. These shower wipes you can put in your bag and wipe away any sweat and odor.

I’ve also included a few more of my favorites below for you, along with travel tips!

Travel Tips

  • If you’re flying, always pack at least one extra pair of clothes, a bathing suit, a pair of pajamas, and medication in your carry-on. After our luggage arrived late in Mexico last year, I will now be packing my skincare and beauty products in my carry-on as well. I plan to put them in some of the toiletry containers I shared above!

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Beauty For the Heart™– Yesterday, I shared with my husband how I felt anxious. Watching the news and all the bad that’s going on, and the uncertainty about our future economy was weighing heavy on me. 

I read Psalm 16 that I shared yesterday and read some commentary on verse 8; with him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

The commentary said, “The future is your friend when Jesus is your Lord.” Isn’t that true! There’s no need to be anxious when Jesus is our Lord! I needed that reminder.

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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