Jewelry Dads Give Advice on Jewelry for Father’s Day

“In the last couple of years, we have seen a major uptick in the sale of men’s gold chains, but for many dads, particularly newer ones, necklaces can pose a tricky obstacle when juggling his bundle(s) of joy. A bracelet is much easier to pull off and is very on-trend.

Like many men, I enjoy a sturdy, durable piece of jewelry with a bit of weight that I don’t need to tiptoe around in as I wear it. A bracelet could be the perfect item with a bit of heft while not “breaking the bank;” it’s a gift you could beat up, knock around, and still look great.

More and more men are creating unique looks by stacking bracelets. That’s right—this isn’t a women-only trend anymore! Getting a dad a single bracelet could open him up to a world of mixing and matching (not to mention the opportunity to buy future gifts easily and at various price points).

Bracelets, notably heavier ones, are also very low maintenance requiring little to no servicing, a feature almost all dads will appreciate.”

Marc Nanasi, RS
Nanasi Enterprises, Inc.

Kimberly Tate

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