Making Jewellery by the Sea

with Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon combines her love of precious metals and the sea to create beautiful, unique pieces for her brand, Kathryn Arbon Jewellery. Kate is also an excellent teacher who runs Sea and Silver Jewellery School and serves as a Jewellers Academy mentor. In this episode, Kate discusses her journey as a jeweller, from receiving metalsmith training to working for a goldsmith to deciding to start her own business. She also explains how she finds inspiration for her designs and shares some of the advice she gives to new jewellers about dealing with challenges and finding their own unique style.

Episode Description:

  • In this episode, we’ll be talking with one of our Jewellers Academy mentors, Kate Arbon (0:50)

  • What motivated you to become a jeweller? (1:54)

  • What did you learn from working as a jobbing jeweller? (6:02)

  • Where do you find inspiration for your designs? (7:29)

  • Why do you enjoy teaching and mentoring other jewellers? (11:53)

  • What are some of the career moments that have stood out for you? (13:50)

  • How do you help students when they’re struggling or want to give up? (16:09)

  • Can you tell us about your upcoming exhibitions? (17:39)

  • What advice would you give to jewellers who are just starting out? (21:42)

  • How to connect with Kate (23:08)

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