What Color Suits My Skin Tone? My Color Guru Review…

Color is so important when choosing clothing. Can you accurately answer the question – what color suits my skin tone? If not, then this is for you.

I’ve talked about the importance of color when it comes to your wardrobe. I’ve always known myself to have cool skin, but never had my colors officially done. I wanted to try a service before I recommended it to you guys.

What Color Suits My Skin Tone?
Color Guru

Color Guru Home Page

After a lot of research and reading reviews, I chose Color Guru to do my personalized consultation. I answered an online questionnaire and provided a bunch of selfies.

Within a couple of days, the results were emailed to me plus printed color cards mailed to me, so I can take them shopping.

What Color Suits My Skin Tone?
The Results

Calm Summer Colors

What Color Suits My Skin Tone : Makeup



What Color Suits My Skin Tone : Warm Vs Cool

What Color Suits My Skin Tone : Light Vs Deep

What Color Suits My Skin Tone : Calm Summer

What Color Suits My Skin Tone?
My Analysis

There were a few big surprises for me. In the light vs deep, many times I have chosen deep colors over light colors, thinking I should have more contrast in my clothes against my skin.

In the warm vs cool, I’ve always known I was cool, but occasionally I have strayed when I really liked the item. In the Farm Rio top below, the warm colors are mixed with cool greens and blues making it more acceptable against my skin.

I have purchased probably two brown tops in my life. I always knew brown was very blah on me, but on those rare occasions I went against my instinct because I loved the specific piece.

And it’s not that the brown sweater is terrible on me, it’s just not as striking as it would be had I chosen blue, for example. It’s boring and doesn’t really give my skin any spark. Interestingly when I first looked at these pictures I didn’t love them but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why!

I decided to do another test. Black vs charcoal vs navy. I’ve always said black is less flattering on my skin, but I still love it anyway. The key, for me, is not having too much black directly against my skin. I never really studied it closely until I took these pictures in the same light.

Once I saw the results side-by-side, it was such an aha moment! Navy and charcoal are so much more flattering than the black which comes across as stark and a bit harsh.

One more test – I converted the blue top to brown (in Photoshop) for a direct comparison, and it’s a no-brainer.

No wonder blue is my favorite color of all time!

What Color Suits My Skin Tone?
Discount and Packages

Color Guru’s packages start at $155. I chose that base package plus I added the laminated makeup card for $40.

All the Color Guru packages are located here.

** Don’t forget to use the code DENIM10 for 10% off your entire purchase. **

What Color Suits My Skin Tone?
Final Thoughts

There are so many more things I could dive into here, and I plan to continue working on trying new colors in my palette. I have always avoided yellow and purple but I plan to try them both soon and do some more tests.

The entire report is 15 pages. I had a few questions about my results and Color Guru’s staff was responsive and helpful and answered all my questions!

There are obviously many color consultation companies out there, both online and in person.

Since color is usually the first thing I look at when purchasing clothes, this is such a valuable tool for everyone. I’ve talked to friends and the pieces that sit in their closet unworn are usually the pieces that don’t fall under their preferred color palette and they don’t even realize it!

In the long-run, going through this process should save you money and leave you happier with your wardrobe.

x Tammy

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