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Dresses with built in shorts, hidden pockets, that are easy to pack and wrinkle resistant are perfect for your summer vacations

Travel dresses and dresses with built in shorts aka the skort dress and skort rompers aren’t just for sports. There are some super cute styles this year in the prettiest trending colors like pink, blue, yellow and green that are both stylish and functional. I’ve been into skorts this year so as soon as I saw these I stocked up as they’re so good for comfort, windy days and more practical than mini skirts.

What really sold me was the hidden pocket that’s big enough for my phone. I love mini bags but they don’t normally fit your phone. Dresses with built in shorts and hidden pockets solves that issue without having bulky pockets on the outside. Plus it’s easier to reach than getting it out of your bag all of the time and harder for pick pockets to get hold of.

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The best travel dresses with built in shorts aka skort dresses

The best travel dresses are:

  • Ones that don’t crease as much as materials like linen.
  • Are comfortable in case you’re also flying in them.
  • Have built in shorts for hopping on and off public transport, getting in and out of cars, and lots of walking around exploring.
  • A pocket that’s big enough for your phone is an added bonus.
  • Adjustable straps for the perfect fit.
  • Stretchy material since vacations are for eating and drinking after all.
  • Built in bras.
  • Moisture wicking material like the Victoria’s Secrets dress for walking around during the Summer.

Travel dresses | Shop the best skort dresses for Summer 2022

These skort dresses are all on the more affordable side so it doesn’t matter if you get sweaty walking around in them, drop melted ice-cream down them or do too much shopping to fit them in your case coming home.

Shop the best travel dresses & dresses with built in shorts and hidden pockets

A lot of these skort rompers come in lots of different colors so if you like a style click on it to see what the options are. Abercrombie also has a big sale on right now, use code AFCHAMP for 20% off.

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If it’s a skort you’re looking for not a skort dress, I’ve rounded up the best skorts in a separate blog post. All of them are super cute for sightseeing, exploring, taking pics, travel and vacation. I have 4 on order so I’ll add photos as soon as they come in.


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