How to Style a Long Silk Shirtdress –

Today I’m sharing one of the best dresses for gals our age. Check out this long silk shirtdress and how I styled it to look upscale-casual and figure-flattering.

For the last few months, I have been admiring whispy silk slip dresses wishing I could wear one. But I know I just wouldn’t feel confident in something so flimsy and bare that reveals every lump and bump that comes with middle age. I almost gave up on this trend when I came across a gorgeous alternative. Enter this fabulous silky shirtdress.


This long silky shirtdress is similar to a silk slip dress but much easier and more practical for the average woman over 40, 50, or 60 to wear. How so?

How to Style a Long Silk Shirtdress

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How to Style a Long Silk Shirtdress


3 Reasons This Silky Shirtdress is Great for Older Women

It’s not as Skimpy

Most slip dresses are bare at the chest with tiny spaghetti straps and are not made to be worn with bras. This silk charmeuse shirtdress from Banana Republic has a stand collar that covers your chest, so you don’t feel as exposed. The Dolman sleeves are wide at the shoulders making it a lot easier to wear a bra.

It has a Relaxed Fit.

The other great thing about this elegant dress is the silhouette. Your typical slip dress is cut to closely follow your curves, both the ones you love and those you aren’t so crazy about! This silky shirtdress has beautiful A-line fit, and no waist, so it’s much more forgiving if you struggle with a midlife middle. The row of buttons from top to bottom also makes it very slimming since it draws the eye up and down, creating a long, lean line.

How to Style a Long Silk Shirtdress

The Print Hides Trouble Spots

Do you like the gorgeous snake print? That’s a bonus. Most slip dresses are a solid, smooth, shiny color that tends to show everything. A pattern or print camouflages trouble spots by keeping the eye moving around and confusing the viewer so they don’t notice every curve, lump, or bump.

How to Style a Long Silk Shirtdress


It’s Practical but not Boring

This midi silk dress is quite practical and can be worn everywhere from the office (with a thin cardigan or jacket) to dinner with high heels and an evening clutch. It’s classic looking, but the subtle snake print gives it a modern edge. Subtle side slits give it energy and make it a little alluring too!


How to Style a Long Silk Shirtdress

How To Style a Silk Shirtdress?

Like most shirt dresses, this comes with a matching self-belt that you can adjust to fit your waist or, if you prefer, not wear at all. Both ways give it a  lovely, casual, everyday look. If you want more style, you can take it one step further by adding some eye-catching themed accessories. For example:


silk shirtdress-snakeprint 6

Switch the Self-belt for a Statement Belt

This silk shirtdress is from Banana Republic, which you may have noticed has recently been rebranded. They are returning to their adventurous safari roots and marrying safari with safe white-collar classics. I decided to pick up this vibe by adding this exotic belt. I think a  gorgeous statement belt is the easiest, classiest way to style a shirtdress when looking for some wow factor.

This straw belt is stretchy, fairly wide, and has beautiful touches of leather and brushed gold hardware. You pop it on, pull up your shirtdress a touch so it hangs over the belt and you are all set. It’s a great way to create shape, as much or as little as you want. If a tummy bulge is a problem, you can always slip on a pair of very light Spanx to smooth things out.

Play Up the Print

I am in love with this gorgeous snake print, which is slightly edgy and somewhat sophisticated. I played that up by adding woven accessories to go with the Out of Africa vibe. Tan suede and rope mules with thick straps and a medium wedge are the perfect cross between casual and classy. Then I added this cute mini woven top handle /crossbody bag from Amazon to make it summer and chic.

How to Style a Long Silk Shirtdress

Don’t Go Overboard on the Accessories.

I could have chosen woven raffia earrings, too, but I didn’t want to go overboard and start to feel like I was wearing a costume. So instead, I opted for these classic, gold, double huggie hoops, my Manhattan chain bracelet, and this stunning gold bangle (similar), all from my favorite Designer Dean Davidson ( 25% off with code Deborah25).

How to Style a Long Silk Shirtdress

Other Ways to Style a Long Silk Shirtdress

This is just one way to Style a Silk shirtdress, but you could also wear a silk shirt dress these ways. Wear it with

  1.  Black leggings
  2.  A long thin linen cardigan
  3. A lightweight tailored blazer
  4. A cargo jacket
  5. A crisp white shirt worn overtop. Roll up the sleeves and tie at the waist.
  6. Or wear it open like a long vest over skinny or flare pants.
  7. Open at the neckline several buttons to reveal a tank top underneath

Click the links below to shop for this fabulous silky shirtdress and the rest of the fabric. I’m wearing a size small, which is what I usually am ( SIZE 6), and it fits perfectly.

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How to Style a Long Silk Shirtdress




Canadian followers, please use these Canadian Banana Republic links below.

How to Style a Long Silk Shirtdress


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