PARADISI RP 01 [Solid Handbuilt Italian Diver]

When the founder of Paradisi, Riccardo Paradisi decided to design and engineer his own diver’s watch, he looked to one of the toughest case materials that there is to work with within the watch industry.

Not because he wanted to make life difficult for himself but because he wanted the very best for his debut model, the RP 01.

And because of Riccardo’s experience working within the materials technologies sector, he knew exactly what he wanted for his first watches, and that was Grade 5 Titanium.

We are no strangers to Grade 5 Titanium, here. We know of its virtues such as its high-tensile strength, its ultra-lightweight, its high-level of corrosion-resistance and of course its hypoallergenic properties.

We also know that because of its incredible strength that it is also one of the most expensive materials to work with, often damaging the tooling used when manufacturing with it.

Nevertheless Riccardo forged ahead with his plan which was to produce a small series of the RP 01 in Grade 5 Titanium of which some would be even supplied for use by the Navy.

But before fully realizing his RP 01 ambitions, Riccardo had to create the necessary infrastructure in which to produce such a watch.

This included building and engineering his own testing machinery; he manufactured a machine capable of testing the water-resistance of his diving instruments up to a water column of 4’000 meters.


Now, Paridisi are looking to enter this legendary segment with their RP 01. It has all the hallmarks of a great artisanal tool diver. 


It even has many of those desirable design cues such as its sheer presence and paired back dial and bezel features. Now the proof of the pudding must be in the eating.


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