Taking One For The Fashion Team

Happy Thursday ladies. I didn’t know just how unsalvagable the outfit this mannequin was modeling was until I started trying options, so bear with me. I’m a big fan of the classic styles at J. Crew Factory. The quality is great at the prices are reasonable. Here’s what I found.


Oy…ruffles on the shoulders combined with sleeveless are not a combo I ever aspire to wear, but since you’ve asked to see me model what the mannequin is wearing, here you go.

Truth- I did not initially bring this top into the dressing room. But when I saw how bad things were going, I figured I had nothing to lose and went out to get it. In for a penny, in for a pound =:-0.

These pants are one size too large for me because they run large so they’re bulkier looking than they should be. They come in 5 colors, classic and petite, XXS-3X. I am wearing a classic small.


The first thing I did was tuck the drawstring inside and if I owned these paper-bag pants, I would cut it off. I tried adding a simple tee and a slightly structured jacket. I didn’t hate this, but the jacket was too large for me so I just felt sloppy in this. I’m wearing a medium in the tee and it’s skin-tight so it runs very slim and I suggest you size up.

The more I looked at this combination the more the green combo began to have a hospital scrubs vibe… and the cream blazer just made it worse. The blazer is sized classic and petite, 0-22. I am wearing an 8.

Then I tried this poplin sleeveless gingham shirt. I preferred this pairing but the pink felt too vibrant for the sage green. It’s a great little shirt that comes in 6 colors, classic and petite, sizes XS-3X. I am wearing a classic medium and the armholes are too deep for my comfort level so I will order the petite.

Then I added their classic white denim jacket. I looked and looked at this combination and finally ruled it out because although the denim jacket has some minimal shaping, it looks too boxy with these wide-leg pants. The denim jacket is sized S-3X, I am wearing a small.

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What are your thoughts?

Every restyling of a mannequin is clearly not a home run but I hope you find them entertaining.

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



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