Everything You Need for the Beach This Summer

It’s almost beach time! I don’t know about you all, but I have some shopping that needs to be done! I always forget just how much stuff we need for the beach. It adds up- the sunscreen, the towels, shade, etc. For me, the most important thing is that it’s easy for us to carry out there! Albeit, what is only a couple minute walk can feel like a 20 minute walk if everything is heavy. I also like to be over-prepared when we go to the beach because you never know what you might end up needing.


When it comes to seating, there really are so many options. Of course, chairs are my preferred seating at the beach because it keeps the sand off me. But I also would count towels as seating because a lot of people lay out on them. There are so many options these days, which is great, but it makes it that much more difficult when it comes to making a decision. Certainly, I would say it feels like an overload of information, at times. Chiefly, for chairs, I recommend going with a lightweight option, that way it’s easy to carry across the hot sand and you won’t get tired out. Towel-wise, have fun with it! Henceforth, you can go for the fun prints and colors or the towels that sand doesn’t stick to. At the end of the day it’s all about what your needs are!

Miscellaneous Gear

When I say misc. gear, I mean things like umbrellas, portable chargers, coasters- the extra things that we maybe don’t exactly need, but they make the day easier for us if we do have them! Instead, I personally like bringing an umbrella to the beach, as I take the sun’s rays very seriously. Markedly, there’s no such thing as too much protection! Portable chargers are great for emergencies and they actually make solar powered one’s, which I think is really cool! And I can’t forget about the coasters to keep the sand off our drinks- I personally think that is a necessity!


Let’s chat coolers and tumblers! Overall, it’s really important that we keep everything cool so we can stay hydrated out there. Cooler-wise, there are a ton of options. You can go for the hard shelled coolers, which are usually heavier, but they do tend to work a little better, I think. Probably because there’s so much to the technology of them. But, at the end of the day, the cloth insulated coolers are a lot easier to carry if you have a lot packed already and you’re thinking about the walk out there. Moreover, an insulated cup is key for hydration. The bigger, the better because you don’t have to worry about running out!


Finally, we have beauty items that are essential for the beach. Specifically, let’s begin with sunscreen. This is an absolute must- please bring it with you to reapply throughout the day! Taking care of your skin is cool, you guys. It’s always going to be in style! Along with this goes lip care- any chapstick with SPF will do! Furthermore, one thing I always forget about is hair care. It just doesn’t ever occur to me that our hair could be getting damaged out in the sun, so a hydrating oil is great to have on hand!

I hope everyone has a great start to the summer! Use those summer Fridays for some good and get some Vitamin D at the beach!

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