10 Watches for Father’s day

And again, this year, we have arrived at the moment dedicated to our dads. And also to ourselves, if we are dads: so if you have children, immediately send the link to this article to your kids as good inspiration for the best watch for dad!

After all, in the special relationship that binds parents and children, the father figure, beyond the modern evolutions of families, has always, in the past, taken on an aspect of protection and often of comfort and advice. A relationship which was often sealed by the gift of a watch: from father to son, usually a family timepiece that belonged to our ancestors. Or sometimes, the reverse: to a dad who loves watches, a watch that he will wear with pleasure, reminding him that gratitude is not a dead and buried value.

Our 10 watches for dad of 2022

We have chosen ten father’s day watches that represent the various souls of watchmaking, from the more frivolous and fun to the more serious, but all characterized by a particular taste and a sustainable expense. Because, let’s remember, what really matters in the gift of a watch for dad is the thought behind it. Even if your dad does not usually wear watches!

1 – Swatch/Omega Moonswatch.

Well, we know that a Speedmaster would be an excellent watch for every dad, but not everyone has the “firepower” to make such a purchase. So, the new MoonSwatches, which have been so talked about over the past few months and caused long lines in front of Swatch stores, are the perfect idea.

Of all the different versions, we like – and it couldn’t be otherwise – the Mission to the Moon, which faithfully echoes the size and colors of the original Moonwatch, only this time it houses an exact Swatch-branded quartz movement and has a Bioceramic case, with a charmingly organic feel. Best of all, for $260, you can make a fun and definitely welcome watch for dad gift.

2 – Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch Neutra Luggage Leather.

If you like to tease your dad, you can call him a dinosaur or something. That’s actually what the Kartsotis brothers did when they founded the company in 1984 and called it by the very nickname they had given their father, namely, “Fossil.”

Beyond the anecdotes, today the Fossil group produces models of all kinds and types, both quartz and automatic, so you are spoiled for choice. But one that we like is, surprisingly, this hybrid model, which combines a very traditional aesthetic with solid basic smartwatch functionality that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. In addition, it has a battery life of up to six months and a really irresistible price tag of only $188.

3 – Timex Marlin Automatic.

Rather than dad-like, this could be about grandpa, but grandpa is a dad, too, so this Timex Marlin fits, all right, with this timepiece review. Its retro aesthetic faithfully echoes the design of the 1950s when it first came out. The movement is different – the modern reissue mounts a sturdy Miyota 8215 automatic watch caliber – but the charm is absolutely identical. The size has been increased to 40 mm, a perfect fit for many wrists, and the dial faithfully echoes the original one, clear and easily readable.

This beautiful timepiece, available in five variants, has a very affordable price: only $249, making it even more appealing among all watches for father’s day.

4 – Davosa Vintage Diver Pepsi GMT Quartz.

If you want an inexpensive, accurate GMT watch that has a look inspired by the skin diver watches of the 1960s, this Davosa Vintage Diver Quartz is for you. Or rather, for your daddy. Davosa produces a series of excellent Swiss Made watches, either mechanical or quartz movement, with typical Swiss quality.

This 39 mm timepiece, perfect for smaller wrists, mounts a Ronda 505/24h movement with GMT function and a two-tone Pepsi aluminum bezel. There are several strap versions, but we like the distressed leather one, which gives it a vintage look and also offers the added bonus of being the most affordable, at only $299.

image source: Davosa-usa.com

5 – Casio G-Shock GM 2100 ‘CasiOak’

Have you seen how much the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak prices have spiraled? A great reason to surprise your dad and give him one! And best of all, you can do it without winning the Powerball if you choose this cute homage produced by Casio.

The fans-called CasiOak is a version of the G-Shock that looks a lot like the Royal Oak in appearance, but it is an authentic G-Shock, so it is indestructible. As a result, it is a quartz watch that stands up to anything and is perfect for sports and adventure. Plus, it’s genuinely cool, with its very stealthy aesthetic – so much so that you’d want to… borrow it from your dad. The metal case version is around $220.

6 – Junghans Max Bill Automatic

This is the perfect watch if your father is an architect or designer. This timepiece echoes the original design of Max Bill, one of the fathers of the Bauhaus. It presents excellent quality at an all-around very acceptable price in its rigorous and eternal aesthetic.

It is a definitive timepiece, perfect as a dress watch for elegant evenings and more informal moments: its 38 mm case fits every wrist, and its automatic movement, a reliable ETA 2824-2, is one of the most reliable on the market (although there is a quartz variant). In summary, an excellent buy, which you will find for sale for around $870.

7 – Laco Stuttgart Flieger Pro Automatic.

Buying a real Flieger made by a company that actually built them during WWII is not an everyday occurrence. And more importantly, paying a fair amount for an automatic watch for men, given its overall style, with timeless aesthetics.

The Stuttgart Pro is an updated version for modern times of the old Fliegers, available in several case size variations that can fit even the smallest of wrists and mount a precise Swiss caliber. The timepiece can be customized via an online configurator but typically costs around $1,000.

8 – Seiko Prospex SPB151 Captain Willard.

This is the End, sang the Doors in the original Apocalypse Now soundtrack. And Captain Willard wore the original edition of this watch, which Seiko has decided to re-present in a new edition for everyone. It is an iconic diver that you can’t help but like, with such a typically 1970s design and all the history it carries with it.

It mounts a precise automatic 6R35 caliber and faithfully reproduces its forerunner, which was very popular during the Vietnam War. This watch runs around $1,300, so it’s perfect for very, but very good dads!

9 – Tissot T-Complication Squelette

A peculiar watch, this T-Complication Squelette offers the beauty of the skeleton watch with a modern twist that pleases and intrigues. It is nice to see before our eyes the hand-wound movement coming alive, advancing the hands – a magnetic sight that will fascinate your father as well.

This is a unique timepiece made even more ethereal by the presence of the sapphire crystal case back – and has a reasonable price, considering the technical level of the watch, which is around $1,900.

10 – Frederique Constant Classic Worldtimer Manufacture.

We know we are going a bit off the edge here, but if you can afford it and have a dad who travels around the world, this is the perfect watch for you and him. Frederique Constant has been making this fine timepiece for ten years, and this Limited Edition is as good as it was at its origins: a true worldtimer and a very elegant one at that.

The size is 42 mm, and the dial is visually striking: a world in white and dark blue, with a white outer section bearing the cities’ name and an inner ring showing the time. The date reads at six o’clock on a sunburst guilloche dial. The Limited Edition is composed of 1888 pieces for about $4,000 each.

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Main Takeaways

Our 2022 roundup of watches for fathers day takes us through many watches at many price levels, but all united by a common quality: these are not ho-hum watches. They are watches that, in their own way, have something to tell. And that, in our opinion, is the most important content of a timepiece that becomes a gift: having a story inside and not being afraid to express it.

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