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How do you help PLACE one of these patches?

Please read this section in detail before submitting an application.

Our team is small and we can’t cover every inch of the planet on our own… but our Carryology community (that’s you!) spans all 7 continents. Looking at your down in Antarctica, Ethan! We’re searching for folks to join our VANGUARD team and place these along their incredible journeys.

We will be extremely discerning with this selection process. These missions should make Indiana Jones perspire heavily and consider his own retirement. Very very very few will be chosen. And those will be the most interesting, dangerous, unique, impossible, fun, and/or extreme. 

Summiting the peak of Everest? Absolutely.
Going to the International Space Station? Let’s party.
Wrestling match with a Great White Shark in the Mariana Trench? Done.
Found the secret burial tomb of Genghis Khan in Mongolia? You’re 100% in.
You’ve recovered the remains of Amelia Earhart’s plane wreckage, you’ve rebuilt it for space travel, and you’re going solo to Mars to meet with extraterrestrials in the freshly upgraded antique vessel? Ok. We’ll give you 4 patches for that one.

1. Click here to apply to be a “VANGUARD” via email.
2. Submit the details of your adventure and tell us why it’s unique and awesome. The more details, the better.
3. Please give us 30-60 days in advance before you depart on your adventure.
4. If selected, we will contact you via email.
5. We will then send you TWO patches.
5A. One patch will be labeled “VANGUARD”, which is for you to keep.
5B. One patch will be numbered “XXX”, which is for you to place.
6. Record the date placed, GPS coordinates, location details, and additional information.
7. Take a photo of exactly where you placed the patch.
8. Send us the information and photo promptly so we can get the patch added to the database.

The selection process will occur when we are able to read through submissions, approximately once per month. Only a very small percent of missions will be accepted due to extremely limited available bandwidth for our small team. We will not be sending out all of these patches at once, we will only select 1 or 2 missions at a time. Once you have submitted your adventure, please wait to be contacted to determine if you have been selected.
Please do not contact us about the status of your submission. We are a very small team and we will not be able to reply to all the hundreds of submissions, even though we would love to.

Taylor Welden

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