Day: June 13, 2022

Clean Origin Diamonds & Engagement Rings Review

Variety Lab-grown diamonds are genuine diamonds, make no mistake. There’s a lot of confusion between mined diamonds and lab-created ones, but you can rest assured they’re 100% real diamonds. Between lab-created diamonds and mined diamonds, the main difference is their origin.  Diamonds created in a laboratory are sometimes referred to as synthetic diamonds. Even though […]

All about shoes: Shoes and Sex : An exposé

(follow me Image via pinterest) The foot and shoe are inexorably linked to sex. In ancient Greece for example sex workers would write ‘Follow me’ backwards on their sandals so clients could recognise and discreetly engage their services out of public view. A common practice in Spain in the past was to finish a letter […]

Summer Accessories Haul

The best part of styling summer outfits is the fun accessories, right?! We love adding a couple fun and colorful pieces to our looks in the summer, here are some ideas for your next shopping spree! The post Summer Accessories Haul appeared first on We Wore What. Danielle Source link

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