Clean Origin Diamonds & Engagement Rings Review


Lab-grown diamonds are genuine diamonds, make no mistake. There’s a lot of confusion between mined diamonds and lab-created ones, but you can rest assured they’re 100% real diamonds. Between lab-created diamonds and mined diamonds, the main difference is their origin. 

Diamonds created in a laboratory are sometimes referred to as synthetic diamonds. Even though it is technically accurate, people might consider lab-created diamonds to be “fake” due to the term.

The diamonds sold by Clean Origin are produced using two main processes: High-Pressure High Temperature and Chemical Vapor Deposition.

Combined, the techniques allow them to sell diamonds of virtually any size and quality – and at much lower prices than mined diamonds. And without the negative societal impact nor carbon dioxide emissions.

Colorless lab diamonds, the icy hue we’ve all come to adore, as well as fancy diamonds, are available from Clean Origin as loose stones. 

There’s a legitimate market for both natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. In contrast to natural diamonds, which historically appreciate in value over time, prices of lab-grown diamonds continue to drop. However, due to the shorter supply chain, lab-grown diamonds can be between 20-30% less expensive than mined diamonds.

You can read more regarding our advice on purchasing lab-grown diamonds here.

Ease of Use

Among Clean Origin’s nearly 18,500 lab diamonds, you can choose from diamonds of varying diamond quality. Diamond shapes, colors, and clarity grades are easily selected using the sliders. You can even check a little box if you’re looking specifically for quick shipping.

The number of 18,500 diamonds may seem substantial, but the selection is still limited for shapes other than round. If you wanted a marquise diamond, you would be presented with less than ten diamond choices – and that’s without specifying the cut and clarity to something decent. 

We can, hopefully, look forward to seeing more variety on Clean Origin in the future.

With lots of little features, Clean Origin has an extremely elaborate 360-degree view. It makes sure that you can see the diamond from almost every angle, though I’m not sure if they’re all necessary. 

There are a number of ways to manipulate the diamond, such as selecting which sides play back-and-forth in a loop or seeing the diamond in grayscale. If there are inclusions that could be hidden in the normal view by sparkle, this little feature will be useful. 

Unfortunately, this 360-degree viewer is not available on all diamonds. Some diamonds only display looped angles when you click on the 360 view which isn’t as helpful. 

In spite of not being as sophisticated as the pioneering Whiteflash or James Allen; they’re among the very best, and most buyers will be delighted with the level of due diligence that can be performed on the Clean Origin site.

Nigel Haworth

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