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You are a Unique Being

As they say…

Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn.  Then always be a unicorn.

And since unicorns are unique … 

Your style is unique to you. You will not find it by copying others. You may find inspiration from others, but your style is your own.

Your bit of a twist is different from my bit of a twist which is different from somebody else’s bit of a twist.

The Ingredients in Your Style Recipe

I was talking to a client and one of the words in her style recipe was glamorous. So instead of making assumptions about what glamorous means to me, I asked her to describe a glamourous outfit for her.   She described a 1940s-style suit with blazer, a structured and more classic look with a feminine edge.  This was not what I had pictured in my head when she said the word, which is why it’s so important to define what the ingredients  – the words –  in your style recipe really mean to you in physical form.

Jackets - do they say sophistication or glamour to you?

Does a jacket say sophistication or glamour to you? Maybe both? Maybe neither

For me glamorous is more floaty and dramatic.  Somebody else’s glamorous could be sequins and another person’s glamorous could be a fabulous leather trench coat. 

So let’s look at the word of the day – Sophisticated.

You have to identify for yourself what does sophisticated mean to you. When you think of sophistication what words spring to mind? Worldly, refined, elegant, current, calm, grown-up, confident?

Discover your version of Sophisticated 

Pinterest is a fabulous tool for finding inspiration as well as a bunch of life hacks. Whether it’s decorating your house, cooking a meal or putting together an outfit, Pinterest will have something useful. 

I would recommend you go on Pinterest and create a board of any outfits, pieces and accessories that appeal to you. If there is a celebrity whose style you admire, search for them and start pinning their outfits that you love.  Once you’ve got 20 or 30 different outfits or garments and accessories, you’ll start to see specific themes and styles emerge. Look for recurring colours, pieces, proportions, silhouettes, patterns, and more throughout your boards. 

When you’ve actually identified what those words mean to you then you’ll be able to kind of create your own version of sophisticated. You can take the inspiration from your board, identify the little twists and elements that make each outfit and then adapt them for your body; your coloring and your lifestyle.

If you want to discover in-depth exactly how to create your own formula for your style, this is Step  6 of my 7 Steps to Style program. It alone will save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime in ill-advised purchases as tour ability to put together outfits you love and shop for the right clothes will skyrocket. Find out more about the program (and what the other steps are) here.

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