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The summer wedding season is here, and many of the dresses are sleeveless, which poses a problem for readers like Suzanne, who emailed to say:

Hi Deborah,

I’m attending a wedding this summer and have found shopping for a dress a nightmare. It’s challenging to find a lovely summer wedding guest dress that isn’t cut too low, isn’t too short or isn’t sleeveless. I finally did find a beautiful one, but since it does not have sleeves, I’d like something to cover my arms. The temperature is likely over 100, so there are no cute cocktail jackets.

Do you have suggestions for elegant, lightweight wraps? Thanks for your work –Suzanne

Dresses with shawls

Hi Suzanne,

So glad you went with a dress you loved despite it being sleeveless. Sleeveless dresses are practical in hot weather and elegant for a summer wedding. You get the coverage you want without looking or feeling weighed down by adding a breezy wrap. Here are some lovely women’s wraps and shawls for summer weddings.


Lightweight Shawls and Wraps for a Summer Wedding

1. Metallic Elegance

There are many reasons for wanting to cover your arms at a summer wedding, and showing your respect for being in a church is one of them. This delicate rose gold metallic sheer wrap has a soft shimmer finish that makes it look heavenly. It’s the perfect accessory when any wedding when modesty may be appreciated.


Lightweight Shawls and Wraps for a Summer Wedding

2. Nonslip Ruffles

Wraps are lovely, but getting them to stay put is sometimes tricky, which is why this beautiful metallic silver wrap with a cascade of falling chiffon ruffles is so popular. It’s specially designed to sit nicely on your shoulders without slipping off. Plus, the iridescent silver color is flattering on any skin tone. Available in black and blush too!


Lightweight Shawls and Wraps for a Summer Wedding

3. Floaty and Feminine

There are a lot of beautiful wraps to camouflage your arms, and they come in many different colors, but I think one of the loveliest in this feminine sheer floral burnout wrap is this delicate champagne color. This shade adds a soft, luminous glow to any complexion, and the embroidered flowers give it a romantic touch. It’s perfect for a summer wedding.


Lightweight Shawls and Wraps for a Summer Wedding

4. Scalloped Shrug

Are you looking for something a touch more romantic? This black scalloped lace shrug may be your answer. This shrug has an open front and black lace detail that’s both edgy and romantic. This would be perfect for a black-tie evening wedding.


Lightweight Shawls and Wraps for a Summer Wedding

5. Instant Wow Factor

Lightweight wraps are great when you want a touch of arm or neckline coverage, but they’re also great for adding some “wow.” This satin-trimmed chiffon wrap from Calvin Klein takes a plain dress to the next level. This black chiffon wrap with satin trim is all you need to turn up the glam on a plain cocktail dress or update something you may have had in your closet for a couple of years.


Lightweight Shawls and Wraps for a Summer Wedding

6. Captivating Capelet

If you are looking for an eye-catching wrap or shawl that’s a bit modern, too, this sheer capelet is for you. This deep navy is beautiful, but this capelet comes in four additional colors to match any dress. It’s lightweight but provides ample arm coverage whether you want to conceal your arms or keep the chill away.

Lightweight Shawls and Wraps for a Summer Wedding

7. Wrapped In Comfort

Is it just me, or does air conditioning in summer make you feel like you are sitting in a refrigerator, especially at significant events like wedding receptions where the venues tend to crank up the cold to the max? I always take a wrap along, just in case, and usually, it’s cashmere.

This exquisite cashmere pashmina is light but warm and offers endless possibilities of ways to tie and wear it. I love its elegance and simplicity and the fact that I can roll it up and tuck it away when I’m not using it. A bonus is that it comes in more than ten colors.

Still didn’t find what you like? Here are some more beautiful evening wraps.


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