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We’ve featured a few tiny living solutions on the pages of The Coolector in the past but might just have a new favourite in the shape of the Escher Tiny Home from the guys at New Frontier Design. The quality design and build of these tiny homes really sets New Frontier apart from the crowd and if you’re after an alternative living solution with a versatile interior and a surprising amount of space, the Escher is the one for you. With a striking aesthetic and impressive amount of storage and space within, you’ll not have to compromise much if you opt for the Escher Tiny Home.

With two bedrooms and capable of sleeping six people, the Escher Tiny Home from New Frontier is one mighty impressive structure that ramps up the functionality in all the right places. With prices starting at $225k, this obviously represents a bit of an investment but if you’re after something a little out of the ordinary for your next living arrangements, chances are this will be ticking plenty of the right boxes. If you love to cook, this will blow you away as it has an amazing kitchen designed around cooking up a storm.

The Escher kitchen, that has been built for an actual chef, merges functionality and luxury with some considerable aplomb and will be the catalyst for the creations of some delicious meals. With a casual open floor plan, you’ll find guests tend to congregate near and compliment this room because of its innovative design and attractive aesthetic.

You don’t compromise on space with the Escher Tiny Home from New Frontier Design (from $225k) and it has a king size bed within. Sleeping in the cantilevered loft feels like floating in mid-air and gives an extra dimension of space to the build. The King bed downstairs comes with a hydraulic lift revealing cleverly designed storage space. The loft can also be upgraded with skylights should you so wish.

The sense of luxury extends to the bathroom of the Escher with first class elbow room comes standard in this 4’x4’ tile shower trimmed in glass. The adjacent walk-in closet provides a wardrobe area for two. Tiny living is a unique way of life and for those who want a more flexible solution to their living space, it doesn’t come much cooler than this sublime creation from New Frontier Design.

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