“King Richard” Star Saniyya Sidney on ’90s Fashion in “The First Lady,” Summer Essentials, and More

“King Richard” actor and former Teen Vogue cover star Saniyya Sidney is a longtime Kate Spade fan and she’s reveling in the latest looks of the Cabana collection. 

The new launch is a seasonal concept celebrating the spirit of escape, a feeling we all get once the weather warms up. The collection focuses on striped, palm-printed, and beach-ready styles.

Whether you’re in the mood for tropical-fruit-patterned short sets, pom-pom-trimmed caftans, striped sun shifts, and bucket hats or embroidered woven straw totes, the collection has a little bit of everything that makes summer feel fun.

Manhattan Striped Straw Large Tote

To celebrate the launch, Kate Spade hosted pop-up cabana events across the globe. We caught up with Saniyya at the Kate Spade Cabana Collection showing in NYC to talk about her favorite pieces from the collection, personal style, and summer must-haves.

Teen Vogue: You’ve recently played two huge roles that are portraying other women, what does your preparation look like when tackling real-life people and their experiences?

Saniyya Sidney: Oh, man. Something that I love so much is getting to prepare for those roles. I focus on doing good research. For Venus [Williams], I think I studied anything and everything about her. But I fell in love with who she is, and I fell in love with who Sasha [Obama] was and how just free they were. They were not afraid to be themselves. You know what I’m saying? They had such an amazing team around them and great parents. So, there are so many similarities. it wasn’t really hard just to fall in love with who they were.

TV: How do you think your personal style differs from the roles you’ve recently played in King Richard and The First Lady?

SS: I’m a little tom-boyish and girlish, and I’m in love with pink. That’s my favorite color. So anything that’s pinkalicious. It could be a necklace, a cute crop top, anything. But for me, I think for The First Lady, it was so that style and that time. I wasn’t born in the ’90s, so there were so many different things that I was like, “You know what? I actually like this.” So it was different, just different timing than what I normally wear, but I fell in love with it as well. I was like, “Hey, let’s embrace it.”

TV: Summer is basically here. What are your go-to fashion staples that you have to wear during the summer?

SS: Flowy dresses. I’m obsessed with flowy dresses. My sister and I always wear big dresses. Anything that’s just like, “ah, feel the sun, get some vitamin C,” certain things like that. Or I’m always in bathing suits. You’re never going to see me in just regular clothes in the summer.

TV: Agreed! What is your go-to outfit on a typical summer day?

SS: Honestly, just a cute crop top or a good pair of jean shorts and a regular graphic tee.

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