Our Week at Les Villages Nature, Paris

It was a holiday that was supposed to happen in 2020, then 2021 and so we approached the lead up this year cautiously, hoping that it would go ahead but not getting the children too excited just in case things changed.  As May approached everything starting looking positive and thankfully by the time we made it over to France last month, there were very few restrictions and we could enjoy a week away with my extended family.

It was our second time visiting Les Villages Nature, the French Centre Parcs on the outskirts of Paris and there is something lovely that comes from that familiarity, of not needing to spend too long finding your bearings.  The bigger boys have some memories from our last trip here 3 years ago and the younger two had been looking at our photo scrapbook from our last trip so they came with a good idea of where we were headed.  Rex of course was oblivious to it all, but it was his first time in a new country and I think he had a great time!

I have written before about what there is to do at Les Villages Nature and this year we spent just as much time in the huge pool complex, but the children were even more confident on the slides (and tall enough to do more of them).  We went back to the amazing playground, petted the goats in the onsite farm and tried out some of the activities including the escape room, climbing walls and pony riding.  
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The parc has changed slightly since our last visit, there is a lunchtime burger restaurant and a creperie, although we didn’t get enough time to try either.  We took lots of photos with the goats again and barely any elsewhere but I wanted to save it all on this blog as something to look back on.  This year we decided to do a day trip into Paris mid week as some of us had never seen the city centre before and I have written about what we got up to there seperately.  Les Villages Nature is perfectly positioned to visit Disney and it was easy enough to get to the centre of Paris via a short bus ride and then a train.

We had a fantastic week away and made wonderful memories with our family.

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