Jewelry Trends for Summer 2022

In 2022, everything seems to be trendy! On the runway, styles are simultaneously inspired by the 1950s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s and retro-futurism of Y2K. At the same time, minimalism that started with the COVID-19 continues with an emphasis on building a classic wardrobe designed to last decades.  

Shape and color trends for summer 2022 reflect the playfulness of the 1970s and onward. We’ve entered a period where nothing is a bona fide trend but references the past in some way. Here’s what should be on your radar.

Large Chokers

This silhouette blends two concepts: 1990s nostalgia of the choker with the substance of a statement necklace. Summer 2022 focuses more on hardware including bigger, more visible links, yet doesn’t ignore details like gemstones and textures.

Everything Y2K

The late 1990s and early 21st century was a time of contradictions: Thin chain Y-necklaces alongside chunky, stone-encrusted rings, wider cuff bracelets enhancing the glam of a belly chain, and minimalism alongside oversized, colorful fashion jewelry. Today’s timely update to Y2K results in a refinement of “throwaway” styles from this era.  


Conceptually, fringe implies boho style but can also include 1980s excess. The former lends itself toward textiles, chains and more natural materials, embodying a free-spirited character. The latter emphasizes bigger-is-better, particularly when it comes to bejeweled earrings and necklaces.

Brighter Colors

Feel a bit of whimsy! In more recent years, higher-end jewelry has broken free from the diamonds-above-all-else mindset and veered toward other gemstones, as well as colored fancy diamonds. The result tends to feel more individualistic and retro, no matter if you’re shopping for an engagement ring or bracelet.


Runway presentations begin with wider, more visible cuff bracelets covering the wrist and travel upward, so a similar or more wire-like silhouette highlights the upper arm. In either context, cuffs project a regal, more definitive character contrasting against charms and tennis bracelets.


It’s not gold or bust anymore! For both men’s and women’s jewelry, summer 2022 has materialized as an understated shimmery sheen that nods to 1990s alternative trends. Silver delivers this retro yet versatile template that adds substance to your everyday fashion jewelry, whether alone or with various semi-precious stones.  

Large Chains

No matter the link style, chains have defined jewelry for 2022 more than any other silhouette and the summer season is no different. As a bracelet, necklace or dangling earring, this maximalist form expands what’s traditionally been considered minimalist without relying on gemstones.


Another move toward individuality, charms on bracelets and necklaces bridge a youthful quality with the adult sense of commemorating occasions. Especially when stacked with other bracelets, charms deliver something multi-dimensional and vary the texture.


Crystals suddenly seem to be everywhere, adding a distinctive shine to multiple pieces. Overlap this with fringe for more of a 1980s edge or contrast a string against your solid gold chain.

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