The BTS Members Debut and Discuss Their Friendship Tattoos

Previously on June 10, 2022:

After dropping their new release Proof, BTS leader RM has their fans, ARMY, wondering if he got a new tattoo. On June 10, the leader of BTS posted a picture of a tattoo on his Instagram Stories.

The artwork, which was placed just above the ankle, appears to be the number seven and that number holds special significance to BTS. There are seven members in the group who are revered not only for their music but also for their loyalty to one another. They also released their studio album Map Of The Soul:7 in 2020 which was seven years after their debut in 2013. RM previously told Zach Sang in an interview: “Seven means very good luck, right? Like jackpot.”

With that knowledge in mind, fans are also wondering if the other members also have “7” tattooed on their person because earlier this year, V said that Suga had suggested that the group get friendship tattoos and they were seriously considering it.

RM certainly wouldn’t be the first member to get inked. Jimin has numerous tattoos while Jungkook has a full sleeve on his right arm, but who better to get the ball rolling on matching friendship tattoos than the leader?

BTS have been booked and busy lately. Earlier this week it was announced that J-Hope would be a headliner at Lollapalooza and today the septet released their highly anticipated anthology album Proof. The album contains a collection of their previous hits, unreleased songs (can we talk about “Quotation Marks,” please?), demos, and a new music video for their song “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment).” Now, we have a tattoo reveal thrown into the mix! When it comes to BTS, expect the unexpected.

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