Nordstrom Treasure and Bond Tops – An Affordable Pick!

I’ve long looked towards Nordstrom Treasure and Bond tops when searching for quality at an affordable price.

As most of you probably know, I try to advocate for fewer higher quality pieces over fast fashion. I focus on buying pieces that I can mix and match with much of my wardrobe, and things I won’t soon tire of.

I know that budget is often a consideration, and Nordstrom Treasure and Bond tops usually fit the bill for good quality at more affordable prices.

I have a few Nordstrom Treasure and Bond tops that I’ve worn over several summers. In my experience, they wash and wear well and the styles are pretty classic. As with most of my tops, I do take care in washing them gently and hanging to dry to preserve the life of the fabric and minimize shrinkage.

This year I added this Treasure and Bond navy button front linen blend camisole. I also have a striped version from several years ago which I still regularly wear. I particularly love these camisoles for their adjustable straps, the thick fabric, and the perfect fit.

My Exact Outfit


Nordstrom Treasure and Bond tops


Short Sleeves


Are you already a fan of Nordstrom Treasure and Bond tops? If you are looking for affordable alternatives, this is a great brand to check out.

x Tammy

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