Wonho’s Duality Goes Deeper Than You Think

Going from wearing pastel knits with denim jorts to a studded leather jacket with lace-up pants is just an average week for Wonho. Often mixing bright playful looks and sleek edgy ensembles, the singer’s sense of style may seem like an enigma to fans, but it’s just part of his duality.

“To be honest, none of the stage concepts or outfits really align with my own personal style. It’s like a different style for my stage presence,” Wonho tells Teen Vogue through an interpreter.

As we chat over a late night — or early morning, depending on the time zone — Zoom call, Wonho describes his style in two parts, as an idol and as an individual. The performer is in the midst of promoting his latest EP, Facade, and everything, from this call to the title track “CRAZY,” is quintessentially Wonho. As we speak, he sports a black t-shirt and a blue baseball cap, showing the laid-back personal style he describes. This look is a bit more simple than those featured in his latest music video, where he wears baggy Balenciaga streetwear, a bedazzled blazer, and a puffer jacket with pastel swirls for a dose of dopamine dressing. 

“With the new album coming out, I try to show new sides, like new styles, new makeup, new outfits, and stuff, to show [more] diverse and colorful sides of me,” he explains. This has been a motif throughout his music career as fans saw him jump from classic styles with trendy elements in “Lose” to glittery varsity gear in “BLUE.” 

Courtesy of Highline Entertainment.

Given his ever-changing style, it’s only natural that Wonho dares to take some risks and they seem to have paid off. He has become popular among K-pop fans for his unique and fashion-forward attires. Crop tops, Western-inspired styles, cut-outs, metallic detailing, and sheer fabrics are just some of the latest trends that he’s already put his own spin on, well before they went viral.

Donya Momenian

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