Top 10 African Menswear Brands You Need To Know

The world of men’s fashion has grown tremendously to the next level, thanks to a few creative menswear brands that curate amazing clothing pieces that channel the inner style in us.

Looking deeply, we have noticed that Africa shares a significant part of these amazing creatives, some of which we will be listing in today’s article.

In this article, we list Ten African Menswear brands. In no particular order, they have shown their creativity in designs, structure, and diversity, and have showcased Africa to the world.




This is a premium and heritage fashion and lifestyle brand because it showcases the beauty, culture, language, and aspirations of the Xhosa people in South Africa.

It is a brand that showcases style in a modern way and agrees with fashion markets globally.

Their design pieces are really colourful and are perfect for ultra-casual wear. MaXhosa Africa won the designer award in South Africa in 2021



Tokyo James is a British-Nigerian Menswear designer and creative director. The brand is affiliated with modern men who want simplicity with an edge.

Major fashion shows have featured his pieces in their shows. Vogue, and Essence magazines have also detailed his works.

The brand Tokyo James is perfect for fashion show events and any other type of event that need a spice of fashion in it.


Ohema Ohene

Abeena Pokuha is the owner of Ohema Ohene, and he hails from Ghana.

This brand has collections that represent Africa in a nutshell. They are great for casual events and even for business casual (speaking of their Ankara suit pieces). With a UK award for the best entrepreneur in the year 2011. You should definitely check out their pieces.


Orange Culture

Adebayo Oke-Lawal is the owner of Orange Culture. The pieces cover universal silhouettes with an African touch to a creative class of men. Nigerian fabric makers produce these pieces.

The brand has made waves across the world. It is featured in Top-notch magazines across the earth, including Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair and so much more.

If you’re personally looking for fashionable designer pieces that you can rock for that fashion event, then, this brand is the right one for you.



Mai Atafo is a Nigerian Fashion Designer.

Weddings and business suits are the major highlights of his work. Over time, several awards ceremonies have nominated him for excellence. His designs have been seen on the likes of Nigerian celebrities such as Banky W, Denola Grey, and several others in the industry.

However, if you’re wondering what to pull on for that business occasion, then this brand fits the perfect description amongst many others.


Stiaan Louw

African menswear brands

Stiaan Louw brand was founded by Stiaan Louw, from CapeTown.

He expanded his brand from womenswear to menswear for experimentation and diversity.

Stiaan Louw is one of South Africa’s most progressive menswear designers. With a portfolio of work that establishes his credibility, locally and internationally. In 2010 he won Menswear Designer of the Year – Africa.



Jermaine Bleu, was founded by Jason Jermaine in 2015. This brand is a contemporary ready-to-wear African brand that represents style and quality.

The Jermaine Bleu brand is a brand for bold, beautiful, stylish, and intellectual. It is a brand that explores all levels of creativity and diversity, telling stories through modern-day Africa, informed by its culture. He was featured in Glamour Uk magazine depicting his amazing works.

This brand is perfect for casual wear and fashionable streetwear


House of Tayo

African menswear brands

Owned by Matthew “Tayo” Rugamba from Rwanda, House of Tayo presents an array of menswear clothing and accessories. Majoring in quality and aesthetics with a blend of popular culture and heritage through the fabric.

The collection of well-designed and produced add-ons is a fantastic way of adding small drops of style to spice up your wardrobe.

He featured in the Under 40 CEO’S and has made a name for himself since then.



Founded by Adrien Victor Sauvage who is a menswear designer of African descent. The brand is recognized around the continent and in the world at large.

Established in 2010, Adrien adds an extra spice to his pieces by dipping in a bit of Ghanian prints into the mixture, his collections of suit pieces are simply amazing and are a break from the normal.



Laurence Chauvin Buthaud is the founder of Laurenceairline.

The brand presents an African-inspired range of clothing that mixes with African prints. The collections are sophisticated in a very casual, easy-going manner. The brand has been featured in several fashion events including Paris fashion week.



There you have it, ten African Menswear brands that are making waves in the fashion industry of today. These brands were carefully picked to represent every occasion you as a stylish gent could go for.

Wearing ready-to-wear outfits (full look) is just the perfect way of escaping from thinking of how to mix and combine two or more outfits, especially if you’re not good at doing that.

Consider patronizing some of the menswear brands mentioned as their pieces are guaranteed to spice up your wardrobe. While you are at it, ensure you consider the occasion, purpose and situations before choosing the ideal outfit.

Also, remember to wear whatever you’re wearing with confidence!

Until next time, continue to do well, live well, and dress really well. Stay Classy, always!

Yours in Style,

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