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If you’re looking to cultivate an understated, industrial look and feel with your interior design aesthetic in 2022, you’re definitely going to want to peruse the digital shelves of GANT Lights, the German based workshop that specialises in concrete cast lighting. We’re loving the uncompromising visual of the lighting from this top class workshop and all of their creations are timeless designer lamps with an abundance of architectural character. Each one is crafted from materials such as concrete, wood and precious metals, meaning these light fixtures turn rooms into unique interior spaces and will turn heads aplenty.

GANT Lights are the brainchild of Stefan Gant, who is an architect and product designer originally from Bavaria. He created the brand GANTLights brand back in 2012 in Berlin and they have been going from strength to strength ever since based on the high calibre of their effortlessly cool creations. Combining the cool rigour of concrete and marble with precious metals, the talented designer handcrafts objects with minimalist forms and contrasting design elements to provide the sort of striking interior design products that really make the difference from an impact perspective.


GANT Lights’ products are now discovered all around the globe, but they are all manufactured entirely in Germany – from the smallest component to the packaging. Stefan Gant started by building the lamps all by himself but as demand for them began to grow exponentially, his enterprise quickly grew into a dense network of local artisans and workshops and the quality has always been second to none from day one. From the ceramist to the carpenter, all those involved contribute great expertise and care to every single GANT Lights piece of lighting.

The guys at GANT Lights designs, produces and sells handcrafted designer lamps and concrete lights which are made from high-contrast materials such as copper, wood and gold and it is these juxtapositions that really elevates the aesthetics to whole new levels in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. The minimalist designs are made regionally and are individually adaptable to customer requirements so if you’ve got a certain space to fill or looking for something a little more bespoke, the team at GANT Lights are likely to be able to accommodate you.

Whether it’s pendant lights, ceiling lights or wall lights, the guys at GANT Lights have got something that will fit the bill and ramp up the visual impact of any room in which you deploy it. Winners of various different design awards, this lighting is definitely right up our street and for any homeowner looking to add to the quality of their interior design endeavours in 2022, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better candidate for the job than a piece of lighting from this brilliant Bavarian brand.

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