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The proper clothes for pregnant women can help women survive a difficult period more calmly. It is inconvenient to wear ordinary clothes – it’s tight here, it rubs there, and in the last stages it’s dangerous – you can’t squeeze the growing tummy. Fortunately, the expectant mother can buy a wardrobe made specifically for her position.

Pregnancy is not a reason to forget about your passions in fashion. You may have to change some favorite styles, but you don’t have to deny yourself anything in the matter of colors. Fashionable maternity clothes do exist, and with a reasonable approach to updating your wardrobe, shopping will not hit your wallet hard.

What clothes are produced specifically for expectant mothers? There is an opinion that all stylish clothes for pregnant women, without exception, should be made from natural materials, that is, from cotton. This is not entirely true, because things made of satin, chintz, and even more so linen cannot stretch, quickly lose their presentation and, moreover, are quite expensive. Stock up on a few loose-fitting shirts and t-shirts in denim so your skin can breathe, while microfiber and jersey are your go-to pants. The most important feature of pregnancy is the increase in weight and volume, which overtakes the expectant mother at the end of the first trimester.

Underwear for pregnant women looks no different from ordinary sets: they can be beautiful and feminine. They are often decorated with embroidery and lace. During pregnancy and lactation, the breasts increase, so manufacturers offer underwear with a supporting function. Much attention is paid to the quality of the fabric. It is sewn from natural materials that do not cause allergic reactions.

Home Clothes for Pregnant Women

At home moms-to-be are offered spacious plaid button-down long dress shirts, loose dresses, original print pants and T-shirts, maternity leggings, soft low-waisted breeches and supportive tops. These clothes are sewn from soft natural fabrics and easily sit down on the figure. Choose pants and dresses that won’t tug at your belly. Home clothes for pregnant women can be not only comfortable, but also elegant.

Modern manufacturers offer maternity clothes that can be worn during and after pregnancy. They eschew the “vanilla” pink and blue color scheme and offer the usual palette of bright and restrained colors. It’s easy to find a top with a bodice that opens or has pockets – in the future, you can easily feed your baby in it without removing the top completely. Indispensable if you are in a public place.

Thermal Underwear for Pregnant Women

In the cold season, pregnant women are advised to wear thermal underwear. These are tight leggings, socks, turtlenecks made of materials that regulate heat transfer. Leggings and trousers come with either elasticated tummy panels or a low-cut elastic waistband that fits under the tummy.

What Clothes Are Prohibited During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you will have to give up not only certain dishes, entertainment and activities, but also your favorite wardrobe items. Do not worry, because all this is temporary, and the taboo on clothes, even in the early stages of pregnancy, is introduced solely for the sake of the health of the baby and mother. Shoes, accessories and clothes that are prohibited for pregnant women: Heels. A woman will have to deal with varicose veins anyway, and because of the hairpins, she can even get injured if she walks carelessly. During pregnancy, especially in the later stages, it is worth abandoning lacing, because tying self-knots

How to Choose the Right Size Maternity Clothes

During the first trimester, it’s too early to think about updating your wardrobe. This period for a woman is one of the most difficult, because right now toxicosis, dizziness and other unpleasant symptoms are overtaking. Going shopping in such a state and choosing clothes for pregnant women is simply uncomfortable, and buying something without pleasure is a useless exercise. In addition, the size of the figure while changing slightly. Clothing in the early stages is not much different from “non-pregnant”. And at the beginning of the second trimester, you can think about the first purchases. You should immediately buy trousers and jeans with an insert that will increase throughout pregnancy. One hundred percent natural things can not be looked for – about 30% of synthetics are allowed. Stylish clothes are usually sold in specialized stores.

Before buying, you need to do the maximum of the actions planned during wearing in this wardrobe item: walk around, sit, even lie down. If underwear is selected, then the main criterion here is that the body should not feel it.

If you can fall asleep in this linen – it’s perfect! Fashionable clothes for pregnant women should first of all give pleasure to their owner. No woman in the world can know exactly how her body volume will change during pregnancy. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy clothes in exactly the same size as they are now. Buy T-shirts, blouses and cardigans two or three sizes larger. To correctly calculate your measurements, you need to take measurements with an allowance on the chest and on the stomach. After the first trimester, volumes increase by an average of one size.

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